March 9, 2021

A judge in the USA releases the detainee for the assault on the North Korean embassy in Madrid

A federal judge in the United States on Tuesday released on bail the only detainee to date for the assault on the North Korean embassy in Madrid, which is requested in extradition by Spain, according to the case documents to which he had access Efe.

The defendant is the exmarine Christopher Philip Ahn, who was released after paying bail of $ 1.3 million, but must remain under house arrest as he still faces a possible extradition to Spain to be tried for his alleged participation in the assault to the North Korean diplomatic headquarters, which took place in Madrid on February 22nd.

Questioned by Efe, a spokesman for the US Department of Justice. He declined to comment on this when it was a provisional decision.

The decision to leave Ahn free was taken by federal judge Jean P. Rosenbluth, with a court in Los Angeles (USA).

In addition to completing the bail payments imposed, some made by the defendant's friends, Ahn has also given his passport to the US authorities and has pledged not to require any other travel permit to leave the country while the case is still open .

The judge also warned Ahn that if he takes advantage of bail to flee, family members or others close to him could face charges.

During the attack on the embassy, ​​the assailants – seven men – bound and beat the diplomatic staff for hours and stole computer equipment before fleeing.

The assailants belong to the Free Joseon group (Free Korea), which seeks to overthrow the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un,

After committing the crime, the authors fled to the United States, so Spain has requested the extradition of Ahn, who was arrested on April 18, and another man identified Hong Chang, considered leader of the group and in search and capture.

The Spanish National Court accuses Ahn and Chang of trespassing, illegal detention, threats, robbery with violence, injuries and belonging to a criminal organization defined in the Spanish penal code.

Hong Chang's lawyer, Lee Wolosky, said after Ahn's arrest he felt "depressed that the Justice Department has decided to execute arrest warrants against US citizens that stem from criminal complaints filed by North Korea."

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