August 3, 2021

A judge against the 'circus' of the 'Nadia case' | Society

A judge against the 'circus' of the 'Nadia case' | Society

Margarida Garau, mother of the minor Nadia, with her lawyer today Thursday. On video, the Prosecutor's Office maintains its 6-year jail request for Nadia's parents

– The lawyers of Nadia Nerea's parents came to the Audiencia de Lleida wanting to make noise. Fernando Blanco, accused of defrauding 1.1 million at the cost of his daughter's illness, had warmed up the previous days sending, from prison, a letter to The Ana Rosa program, in which he regretted being "kidnapped" without being able to see the child. It was the prelude to the unprecedented request that, on the first day of the trial, his lawyer, David Peña, launched: he wanted his client to sleep "in a hotel" guarded by police officers while the hearing lasted. That initial maneuver was stopped short by the president of the court, Francesc Segura, which has become a dam in front of the circus in which, at times, it has been tried to convert the trial by the Nadia case.

Segura rejected one by one all the requests of the defenses, including that of the lawyer of Margarita Garau, the mother of Nadia, who requested the nullity of the process. "Do you ask for the nullity of everything? It is rare, "the magistrate quipped before the lawyer Alberto Martín. It is the case that Martin was Blanco's lawyer until he resigned to defend him for alleged incompatibility. The man later went on to be represented by two other lawyers until finally decided by Peña, a lawyer of mediatic vocation that also defends, among others, Albert Cavallé, known as love swindler. Those changes served to postpone the trial, which was originally scheduled to be held in May. The curious thing is that precisely Martin has alleged that there have been "undue delays" because it is "a case with a prisoner who has been practicing no diligence for almost a year."

With Peña already in charge of the strategy, the recusal of the magistrates of the Hearing of Lleida who have judged the case was requested. Without success, because the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) reproached the lawyer for his "fraudulent interest". Another peculiar request of his to release Blanco to be interviewed by a media outlet was also rejected. Peña has tried to carry out an aggressive strategy – "I have given an example of how you can defend a client in two months" – but it has been extinguished with the successive warnings of the president of the court.

The magistrate taught the teeth to the lawyers from the first day. Martin was warned to use the mobile phone. The lawyer said he was "consulting legislation," and Segura again resorted to sarcasm: "If you want the law of criminal prosecution, we can provide it." Peña, on the other hand, became entangled with legal issues that he could not explain. "It is not customary to interrupt. But we do not follow him, we do not understand what he wants. We have more than ten minutes and we do not know what he asks, "Segura replied.

Peña's questions have sometimes served to reinforce the arguments of the prosecution. As when he asked a sergeant of the Mossos on the alleged trips to Houston to operate on the girl and this revealed one of the most resounding denials of the trial: "He told us that they had gone to Houston Children Hospital and there is no hospital with that name " Segura had to intervene to remind him that he was doing his client a disservice. "Some things he says seem more typical of the accusation," the magistrate told him, interrupting him several times for raising "absolutely irrelevant" questions.

The prosecutor has not been exempt from the control of Segura. A Blanco, who incurred multiple contradictions, asked the prosecutor for a party at his home in Fígols in which there were "coffins and costumes." "It has nothing to do with it. The facts are for a scam, "the judge reminded him. The next day, when the forensics explained that Nadia's life was not in danger and that she could not be subjected to the treatments devised by Blanco, Peña shouted from her seat: "Objection!" The judge had to remind her that she was not in an American movie. "Can you tell me where part of the criminal prosecution is planned to protest. That expression is typical of Anglo-Saxon law. "

Blanco's lawyer has repeatedly asked about the role of journalists in reviewing the girl's medical reports, about a strange gene that no one knows how to identify or about Blanco's alleged wine business. Segura at times lost patience, but maintained the irony: "It is credited that there was a wine tasting, which put peanuts, as the witness has said graphically. The room is illustrated. " "Mr. President, do not be angry, please," Peña came to beg.

But there was anger and it broke out yesterday. Segura insisted that he was asking reiterative questions, and the rifirrafe -the lawyer kept interrupting- led him to suspend his sight for five minutes. "We reassure everyone and come back."


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