A journey through the secrets of fado, on Saturday at Guiniguada

After years of study and love for Portuguese music, the young Canarian singer José Félix presents 'Galería' on June 4 at 8:00 p.m.

José Félix's passion for Portuguese fado has led him to dedicate his first solo album to this genre. This young Canarian singer, whose talent the public has been able to enjoy in shows such as those of the Compañía Pieles, presents himself to the public with his tribute to Portuguese music and poetry, entitled
'Galería', this Saturday, June 4, at 8:00 p.m. at the Guiniguada Theater. Tickets are available on the website and at the box office of the space managed by the Autonomous Government in the capital of Gran Canaria.

'Galería' is an intimate and delicate recital in which José Félix proposes a walk
"Because of the labyrinths of the heart and the secrets that fado keeps within itself", he explains in his presentation. All this with the complicit company of a guitar (Gabriel Hernández) and the emotional charge of each of the fados, which grows thanks to the interpretive simplicity of this young island voice.

This recital constitutes "a corridor in silence and dim light, in which to learn to contemplate love and life serenely"
. This is helped by the staging and a refined lighting design that reconstruct the space of introspection where fado is born. In this atmosphere of calm and intimacy, José Félix carries out his personal search throughout fado, to find those pieces that, as an emotional portrait, represent different passages of life in which the public can also see his reflected feelings.

The Portuguese influence in the Canary Islands

This minimalist show is also an opportunity for the public to delve into the Portuguese influences that still survive in the Canary Islands, traveling hand in hand with fado the evocative universe of the Portuguese language, so familiar to the islanders. José Félix vivifies those cultural ties -associated with language and musical sensitivity- between the Canary Islands and Portuguese society.

Through this transparent approach to fado, the proximity that an islander can experience with a popular demonstration typical of the city of Lisbon, framed in the region of Estremadura, territory from which, curiously, most of the sailors and settlers who took part in it, came from. the repopulation of the Canary Islands.

This suggestive idea of ​​closeness is also nurtured by the similarities between the Portuguese language and the speech of the islanders, in which numerous traces of Portuguese influence survive in our history. This makes Canarian society a privileged audience to connect with the sentimental charge of fado. And within this framework, José Félix and 'Galería' evidence this emotional link between the Archipelago and fado, as well as a transit bridge between the Islands and Lisbon.

Jose felix

Raised in the bosom of Canarian folklore and attached to the traditions of his environment, he develops primarily in projects related to popular genres and oral tradition music from the Canary Islands and the Peninsula. At the same time that he lends his voice to different artistic projects, he begins to forge his close relationship with Portuguese fado, where he finds a place to expand his own musical interests and his expressive abilities.

Jose Felix is ​​in
constant study of the characteristics, styles and rules of this genre, as well as the occasional incursions into the world of Lisbon's fado houses, where José Félix has been able to exchange impressions with local artists and immerse himself in the codes of this music, which has contributed to improving his awareness and knowledge of the universe of fado

Guitarist Gabriel Hernández is responsible for the strings that support the walls of this 'Gallery'. After the coexistence of both in the Canarian tradition and other world music, his guitar is emerging as the ideal one to support the voice of José Félix.

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