Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

A journalist makes history with the first female co-proclamation in Seville

A journalist makes history with the first female co-proclamation in Seville

Sevillian journalist Charo Padilla today announced the proclamation of Holy Week in the Andalusian capital, which for the first time in its 80 years of history has had a woman as a protagonist, one of the professionals who has followed the cofradias more closely sevillanas during his professional career.

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After the sounds of 'Mother Hiniesta', march brother composed by her husband, Manuel Marvizón, Padilla has had a memory to the musician Rafa Serna, recently deceased, and has been shelling his "most intimate memories, of God, of beliefs, of devotions learned over the years, from part of your life, from my life, from the people who love me. "

Padilla has said that he has made a proclamation what "so many times" he has told through the radio ", with which he has managed to make his voice not" strange ", because he may have accompanied the listener an afternoon of solitude," or in those eternal days at the foot of a hospital bed. "

Charo Padilla has had a special memory for her mother, explaining that one of her first brother memories was a Holy Thursday when she was 10 years old and went with her to see La Macarena, when she felt that "it was evident that they had confidence, that they had I counted his things on more than one occasion. "

Her presence as a woman at the lectern has linked her to the story of Carmen Medina, the manguetera de la Esperanza, who is now 85 years old and has been present at the opening speech, recalling the story of her mother, who performed a penance season as a nazarene when Women were not allowed, and it was discovered in the church at the end of the journey.

His proclamation has been a continuous journey of experiences, of memories to his family, of his journey in hand through the streets of Seville, in "a Holy Week that marks our existence", of the prints with the images that are an improvised altar at any time, neighborhoods "that shine by itself" even if the weather is bad at the exit of the brotherhoods, such as Cerro del Águila, and hundreds of personal experiences.

It has been reflected in the hour and 22 minutes that has lasted his historic appointment with a lectern occupied by a woman for the first time, which has closed with the phrase "Seville is a dark face to which my mother prayed. Thank you".


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