A Jewish center in New York evacuated for a false bomb threat

A Jewish center in the city of Albany, the capital of the state of New York, was evacuated on Sunday after receiving a bomb threat that eventually turned out to be false, authorities said.

In addition to that installation, almost two dozen Jewish centers in the state also received threatening emails throughout the day, although for the moment no details about their location or type of threat have been released.

The state governor, Andrew Cuomo, moved almost immediately to the scene of the events in Albany and told reporters that, after evicting the building, police officers checked it thoroughly, finding no artifact.

"We take every threat as something very serious," said Cuomo, who said about a hundred people were in the facility at the time of the evacuation, including many children.

"It is one of the most shameful things that can be done," said the politician about the threat to a place frequented by minors.

Cuomo recalled that so far this year New York has already lived more than forty anti-Semitic episodes and lashed out at those who seek to create "fear and terror" among that community.

"Jewish culture is a large part of New York. New York would not be New York without our Jewish brothers and sisters, so I want to say on behalf of all New Yorkers that we feel this unfortunate incident," he said.

The governor denounced that the increase in episodes of anti-Semitism occurs in parallel to a growth in other hate crimes across the country, such as attacks against African Americans or the homosexual community.

At the end of last year, two anti-Semitic attacks shook the New York region. First, a shooting against a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, in neighboring New Jersey, left six dead and just a few days later a man wounded five people with a gun during the celebration of Chanukah in the Big Apple.


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