May 14, 2021

A Japanese millionaire becomes the most retweeted after promising money

A Japanese millionaire becomes the most retweeted after promising money

A twitter publication of the Japanese millionaire Yusaku Maezawa where he promised money to his followers became the most widespread in the history of the social network after exceeding in three days the 5.6 million retweets.

The Japanese entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the online fashion sales platform ZozoTown, the largest in Japan, surpassed the previous record obtained by American user Carter Wilkerson, which reached 3.5 million in April 2017.

"I will give 1 million yen ($ 9,200 or 8,000 euros) to 100 people in cash," Maezawa said in his tweet, which in turn asked users to follow their account and share the message between January 5 and 7.

Before publishing his promise, the millionaire's followers counter stood at half a million people, while today he accumulated more than 6.1 million, something that prompted criticism from several users of the social network that accused him of "buying "followers.

However, in his message, Maezawa said he offered the money as "gratitude" to consumers for the good sales results obtained by ZozoTown in 2018.

The millionaire selected the 100 winners today, as he explained through several publications in his account, and some users thanked him in the comments for having been elected.

In September of last year, the Japanese CEO attracted worldwide attention after being chosen by the SpaceX aerospace company, founded by the also millionaire Elon Musk, to become the first space tourist.

Maezawa, who is according to Forbes the eighteenth richest man in Japan, with a fortune of 2,700 million dollars (2,360 million euros), will fly around the Moon in 2023 and will become the first private passenger on a trip to space.


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