A Japanese court refuses to grant bail to Carlos Ghosn

A Japanese court refuses to grant bail to Carlos Ghosn

A Japanese court today refused to grant bail to former Nissan president Carlos Ghosn, who has been detained for almost two months for allegedly hiding multimillion-dollar salaries and other irregularities.

The Tokyo court competent in the case denied the petition filed by Ghosn's lawyers last Friday, when the provisional arrest term of the executive was ending, the court said in a statement.

The French-Brazilian entrepreneur, 64, is in the custody of Japanese authorities in a detention center in Tokyo since November 19, and faces formal charges for not declaring part of his income agreed with the company for eight years and violate the confidence of Nissan.

The decision, which can still be appealed by the defense of Ghosn, means that the employer will remain in prison at least until March 10, when the deadline of two months after the last formal complaint filed by the prosecution.

His own lawyers acknowledged, during an appearance before the media last week in Tokyo, that it is unlikely that the executive can get out of prison before the trial begins.

The complexity of the case could make the investigation process prior to the opening of the trial extend for six months or even a year, said a spokesman for the prosecution.

On Ghosn weigh two formal accusations for not having declared part of their compensation at the head of Nissan Motor in two periods, between March 2011 and the same month of 2015, and between March 2015 and 2018.

The prosecution also accuses the executive of having violated Japan's business regulations by using Nissan to cover a series of personal financial losses during the 2008 crisis and by allegedly unjustified payments to a Saudi businessman.

In the same case, the Japanese authorities have brought charges against the company and against Greg Kelly, another senior executive of the firm who was arrested at the same time as Ghosn and later released on bail.


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