A hunter shoots his dog because "he can shoot shots at whoever gets the fuck" - La Provincia

A Hunter he has shot and "brutally beaten" a bitch this Saturday in the municipality of Chantada that had to be treated urgently by bullet wound and multiple injuries. This is how the animalist association Libera, after knowing the event through a video broadcast on social networks by a driver who noticed the scene when he heard the sound of a shot.

The injured bitch, which had just given birth to a litter of six puppies, has the two broken numbers as a result of the shots received and cerebral bruises for the blows received with a stick as well as lacerations for the drag to which it was subjected after the aggression. The can, in a serious and medicated state, is admitted to a veterinary hospital.

The puppies of the dog that has been shot in Chantada "are perfect," as FARO DE VIGO has been informed by the oenegé animalista Mundo Vivo. "They are being treated by a veterinarian from Lugo and we will ask the civil guard if we can take care of them," members of the NGO have explained to this newspaper. Until then, a protector will take care of them from next Monday.

The puppies of the dog to which he shot. LIVE WORLD

According to Libera, The hunter told the person who recorded the video that "he was a hunter and can shoot whoever gets out of the balls". This fact generated the indignation of Internet users and of different animalistic entities such as the NGO Mundo Vivo, which has advanced that "it will be personified as a private accusation in a hypothetical judicial procedure."

In case of trial, the subject could "be charged with a crime of animal abuse and face penalties of up to one year in prison or 18 months in jail" In case the dog dies, the animals warn.

In this context, the animalist association Libera has shown its "rejection" to the event through a statement and has also denounced the repetition of this type of events in Galicia "in recent times" as well as the "impunity" of many of them . The animalists affirm that the Ministry of Environment also "would have opened the administrative route to disable and sanction with fines of up to 30,000 euros to this hunter for intentionally shooting the animals."

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