A hundred Spanish businessmen meet at the V CEAPI Congress in Punta Cana


The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, will participate in the V Ibero-American Congress of the Alliance for Ibero-America Business Council (CEAPI), planned for June 1 and 2 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is the fifth edition of the event, which is being held outside of Spain for the first time and is part of the current international scenario of uncertainty under the title 'Innovation and opportunities in times of uncertainty'.

With a video intervention at the welcoming ceremony of the Congress, the minister will vindicate the role of Spain within the region as a whole to promote economic growth and the modernization of Ibero-America within the framework of a new world order in the process of reconfiguration, appealing to collaboration between countries and the strengthening of the historical political, social and economic ties that unite the region.

As in previous editions, the Congress will bring together more than 300 people including presidents of leading companies, business families and institutional leaders from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, who will address the challenges and opportunities that Ibero-America faces in times of uncertainty. The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, will inaugurate the meeting, in which Enrique V. Iglesias -first Ibero-American Secretary General in history- and Andrés Allamand -current Ibero-American Secretary- will also meet to analyze current economic, commercial, business and investor in the region.

Núria Vilanova, president of CEAPI, wanted to highlight: «in a recent meeting of nearly 20 businessmen from CEAPI with the president of the Spanish government, they represented an investment of 4,200 million in Spain. We hope that new investments will come out of this meeting for the Dominican Republic, which has great opportunities: tourism with great examples in environmental and social issues, the promotion of the free zone with great opportunities with the nearshoring that is accelerating from the US, a good logistics chain , and opportunities in public-private collaboration in energy and infrastructure. Faced with the current crossroads, the business world can provide solutions by betting on investments that have a social impact in the countries, generating new jobs of higher quality. In this sense, we are going to study examples such as the audiovisual production promoted by Felipe Vicini, which generates well-paid professions that did not previously exist on the island, or the opportunity to create technological platforms that are looking for new locations in the Dominican Republic and that assist to Congress, as well as new tourism and other investments.

With an outstanding presence of Spanish businessmen and institutional leaders, this 5th CEAPI Congress will include the participation of Ignacio Ybarra, president of Vocento; Isidoro José Alanís, Founder and CEO of Global Exchange Group; María José Álvarez, president of the EULEN Group; Manuel Bermejo, executive president and founding partner of The Family Advisory Board; Jordi Hereu, president of Hispasat; Juan Luis Cebrián, honorary president of El País. Elena Foguet, Business Director Spain Value Retail; Francisco Gil, partner of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo; Mónica de Oriol, president of Net4Things; and Andrés Arizkorreta, president of CAF, among many others.

The key role of innovation, digitization and technology to promote sustained and sustainable growth in Ibero-America, as well as the importance and opportunities generated by new business models will be the central axes of the event. Thus, analyzing the key issues that mark the current international agenda -such as digitization, entrepreneurship, family business, tourism development, the energy crisis or relocation processes-, the panels will examine the future scenarios to which faces Ibero-America, as well as the opportunities that open up for the region in this context.

On the night of May 31, CEAPI will welcome the attendees and, subsequently, during the days of June 1 and 2, the discussion tables will take place. On June 1, the winner of this year's Enrique V. Iglesias Award will be honored, a distinction that has gone to Colombian businessman Jaime Gilinski, president and owner of Gilinski Group. On June 2, the key role of women entrepreneurs in the region will be recognized under the slogan 'Women, Business and Leadership'.

international leaders

Within the institutional sphere, many figures will share space with business leaders, highlighting some such as Luis Abinader, president of the Dominican Republic; Víctor Bisonó, Dominican Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs; Enrique V. Iglesias, honorary president of CEAPI; Andrés Allamand, general secretary of SEGIB; Gema Sacristán, General Business Director of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Also present at the meeting will be Alberto Bacó, former Secretary of the DDEC (PR); Juan Luis Cebrián, honorary president of El País (ES); Mireya Cisneros, president of MC Global Ventures (VE); Giannina Fasanelli Cavallazzi, president of the Family Office Simoniz Latam (CO); Jaime Gilinski, president of Grupo Gilinski (CO);) Stanley Motta, president of Motta Internacional (PA); Jordi Hereu, president of Hispasat (ES); Valentín Díez Morodo, president of COMCE (ME) Frank Rainieri, president of Grupo Punta Cana (DR); Martín Umaran, co-founder and chairman EMEA of Globant (AR) and Felipe A. Vicini, president of INICIA and president of the V CEAPI Congress (RD), among others.

During the V Congress, there will also be the opportunity to attend interesting talks and interviews. In the first of the cases, the one that will be sustained by Juan Luis Cebrián, honorary president of El País and Andrés Allamand, Ibero-American secretary general under the moderation of Núria Vilanova, president of CEAPI on Ibero-America in the new world order. In the second, those held by María José Álvarez, president of Grupo Eulen, and Antonio Fernández-Galiano on the one hand, and Jaume Miquel, president of TENDAM and Begoña Gómez, director of the Extraordinary Chair of Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid Spain).

Jaime Gilinski awarded the VIII Enrique V. Iglesias Award

Jaime Gilinski, president of Grupo Gilinski, a business and banking conglomerate based in Colombia, and winner of the eighth edition of the Enrique V. Iglesias Prize for Ibero-American Business Development, will be honored on this occasion at the first dinner of the Congress, on June 1 . With this award, the CEAPI jury recognizes Gilinski's contribution to the economic and social development of Ibero-America and the strengthening of ties between the countries that form it.

This award, organized by the Alliance for Ibero-America Business Council (CEAPI), is convened annually and in previous editions it has been delivered by His Majesty the King.

Recognition of women entrepreneurs

Ibero-American businesswomen Altagracia Gómez Sierra, executive president of MINSA; Gina Díez Barroso, CEO of Diarq Holding and founder and president of Dalia Empower; Carmen Abondano de Dávila, president of the corporate board of the Daabon Group (COL); Juana Barceló, president of Barrick Gold Corporation (DR); Teresa Martín de la Mata, president of Grupo Varma (ES) and María Lourdes Lasso, first lady of Ecuador, will receive the Women, Business and Leadership award during the last dinner of the V CEAPI Congress. This tribute represents gratitude to the women who work not only to promote the development of their countries, but also to break the gender gap.

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