A hundred people demonstrate in Seville against the central government

A hundred people have demonstrated this Saturday against the central government and its president, Pedro Sánchez, in the central Plaza Nueva in Seville, at the gates of the City Council of the Andalusian capital.

The participants have arrived at around 12 noon and have demonstrated for more than half an hour walking from one side to the other of the square in front of the consistory, wearing Spanish flags and practically all wearing masks and trying to keep their distance.

"We are not concentrating, we are walking," explained one of the participants to Efe, who has even shown a bag from the pharmacy with medications to justify his departure.

In addition, he assured that it is a call for "citizens" without "any platform" behind, which has been promoted through social networks.

They have pronounced chants of "Government resignation", "Freedom", "Pedro go now", "Long live Spain" and "Assassins", among others.

These people have only stopped for a few moments to applaud the four National Police vans that have arrived at the scene, with cries of "Long live the Police".


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