A hundred people demonstrate in Madrid in support of the man who helped his wife die | Society

A hundred people demonstrate in Madrid in support of the man who helped his wife die | Society

Despite the rain and cold, about a hundred people gathered this Friday in front of the courts of Plaza de Castilla to offer their support to Ángel Hernández, the man who was arrested on Thursday for helping his wife die, terminally ill, and to ask that euthanasia be decriminalized. The demonstration, called by the association Right to Die Dignamente, lasted about an hour in which the demonstrators read a document in which they highlighted the "courage" of Ángel Hernández by helping his wife, María José Carrascosa, die.

"She had firmly expressed her desire to die after years suffering from a degenerative disease," said Rosario Segovia, member of the board of DMD, during the reading of the manifesto. "It is unacceptable that helping a person to dispose of his life freely is punishable under the penal code," he stressed. "More than 80% of the population is in favor of decriminalizing euthanasia, and we ask future deputies to legislate in this regard," he concluded. According to the consultant Ipsos, with data from 2018, 85% of the Spanish population agrees to decriminalize euthanasia; those from Metroscopia, a year earlier, set that percentage at 84%. The CIS has not consulted on this issue since 2009, but even then, 80.5% were sure or almost certain that it is fine for doctors to end the life of a terminally ill person with great suffering if the doctor asks for it. affected.

After reading the manifesto, the people concentrated in front of the courts chanted slogans like "Legal euthanasia now!" or "Free to live, free to die!" In the concentration was the politician and doctor Gaspar Llamazares. "Citizens have been asking for 30 years to regulate the right to die with dignity and we have not managed to create a commission to improve how to die in Spain. This issue does not admit further postponements, "he told Europa Press.

"This concentration has been a proposal of Ángel and María José's neighbors, we wanted to be here to support Ángel in his statement before the court, although he has not come because he is resting," explained Fernando Marín, president of DMD. "Angel did not want to hide and has reopened the debate on euthanasia with your action. He has carried out an act of bravery, "said Marín.

Hernandez contacted DMD after attending Carrasco's request and, according to the association, this man is the first detainee to help someone unable to die. This Friday, they demanded the "future deputies and deputies to regulate and decriminalize euthanasia urgently", something in which the majority of the population agrees, according to the CIS. What Ángel Hernández has done, they say, "can only be understood as an act of love".


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