October 31, 2020

A huge Laprovittola throws Baskonia and puts Joventut in the semifinals – La Provincia

A huge Laprovittola throws Baskonia and puts Joventut in the semifinals - La Provincia

The Divina Seguros Joventut, with a spectacular Nicolás Laprovittola, who scored 50 points, qualified for the Copa del Rey semifinals eliminating one of the favorites for the title, the Kirolbet Baskonia (89-98).

The greengrocers, absent from the final stages for many years, staged the great surprise of the quarterfinals and he will face the winner of Real Madrid-Movistar Estudiantes.

Since the year 2000, when Tanoka Beard signed a match that earned her 47 points of appreciation, she had not experienced such an outstanding individual performance as that offered by Laprovittola, which has set a new record.

The Baskonia underestimated the potential of Joventut in the beginning of the clash and that allowed the Badalona team, which came to the Copa del Rey cap, to grow. Under the baton of an exalted Nicolás Laprovittola, the set of Carles Durán came to collect an income of 16 points (13-29) on the edge of the end of the first quarter, where he saw a Basque club out of play, unable to stop an opponent He signed a 4 of 5 in the triple.

The azulgranas realized in the second quarter that the tie was going to be harder than expected. He intensified his defense and thanks to Luca Vildoza's agreement and Voigtmann signed a partial of 18-4 that led him to turn the score (34-33), although the Penya, coinciding with the return to track of Laprovittola, regained the good feelings on the track to go to the break with 42-45 on the scoreboard.

The Joventut was driven to the rhythm of Laprovittola, author of 14 points in the third quarter, where the blacks went back to put the fear in the body to the Baskonians (49-57) thanks to the success of the Argentine, who monopolized the whole game before the inability of Baskonia bases to stop his inspiration.

To each problem, the albiceleste international took out of his hat a solution, like a triple on the horn or an assist in the last second of possession. Matt Janing became, at times, the only Baskonia player with enough inspiration to seek the reaction, which did not come because Laprovittola prevented it (68-73, min 30).

The verdinegros went into crisis when Carles Durán, after enjoying nine points of rent (70-79), had no choice but to give a break to Laprovittola. The Baskonia adjusted the score to an 80-83 that gave another dimension to the shock, but a 0-6 of partial (80-89) allowed Joventut to enter the last two minutes with enough income to seal the pass to the semifinals. The losses were followed in a desperate Basque team, which met with the Argentine picking up the pulse from the free throw line (80-91). With 87-95 on the scoreboard, there came a moment to remember in the Cup.

Laprovittola went to the bench with 36 points and with all the WiZink Center on foot, including the Baskonia fans, paying a big ovation to the shout of MVP.

89 – Kirolbet Baskonia (16 + 26 + 26 + 21): Vildoza (16), Janning (18), Shields (4), Poirier (15) and Voigtmann (6) -five start-Huertas (8), Diop (-), Jones (10), Hilliard (10) and González ( two).

98 – Divina Seguros Joventut (29 + 16 + 28 + 25): Laprovittola (36), López-Aróstegui (7), Ventura (-), Harangody (15) and Todorovic (15) -quintet holder- Dimitrijevic (6), Morgan (10), Delía (4), Nogués (1), Mathias (4) and Parra (-).

Referees: Benjamín Jiménez, Carlos Peruga and Martín Caballero. They eliminated Todorovic and Hilliard for fouls

Incidents: Third eliminatory of quarterfinals of the Glass of the King of basketball disputed in the WiZink Center of Madrid before 12,340 spectators.


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