May 14, 2021

A hug in the pandemic, World Press Photo award

The photography & # 039; first hug & # 039; by Danish Mads Nissen, World Press Photo Award.

The photograph ‘first hug’, by the Danish Mads Nissen, winner of the World Press Photo award.

The photograph taken by the Danish Mads nissen of ‘First hug‘in pandemic (The First Embrace), which represents a woman hugged by a nurse in Brazil in August, it has been selected this Thursday as the photograph of the year by the jury of the World Press Photo.

The image captures one of the most special moments of the pandemic, in which Rosa Luzia Lunardi, 85 years old, get a hug from the nurse Adriana Silva da Costa Souza, at the Viva Bem residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on August 5, 2020.

The moment, captured by the Danish photographer, is a “iconic image of Covid-19 “ and “commemorates the most extraordinary moment of our lives, everywhere,” according to juror and photographer Kevin WY Lee, who saw in the photograph “vulnerability, loved ones, loss and separation, disappearance but, more importantly , also survival, all in a graphic image. ”

The Story of the Year is’Habibi‘, by the Italian documentary photographer Antonio Faccilongo, which related from the human point of view a love story set in one of the longest conflicts and complicated history, the Israeli-Palestinian war.

This work has been defined as “a masterpiece” and “a history of human struggle in the 21st century”, in the words of Ahmed Najm, a member of the jury, who considered that “it shows another side of the long contemporary conflict between Israel and Palestine” .

The history of digital storytelling ‘Rebuilding seven days of protests in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death‘(Holly Bailey, Matt Daniels and Amelia Wattenberger) has been the winner of the Interactive World Press Photo of the Year.

This work offers a “complete picture of the first week of protests” in Minneapolis (USA) after the murder of the African American Floyd at the hands of a police officer and is a piece that “makes unprecedented use of user-generated content and combines and maps 147 live streaming videos. ”

In addition, the jury has selected as Online Video of the Year ‘Calling from Wuhan‘, by Yang Shenlai and Tang Xiaolan, who tell through a series of recorded telephone conversations the story of a family in the first epicenter of Covid-19.


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