August 12, 2020

A hotel in Tenerife puts an end to the discrimination of the 'Kellys' – La Provincia

Workers Commissions(CCOO) and the companyBarceló Hotel Group have signed the first salary pactin the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife thatIt ends with the practice of applying a much lower productivity bonus to the maidsto the one perceived by homologous categories according to salary and professional group.

The agreement was signed on November 29, affects the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort Hotel andIt represents a salary increase close to 3000 euros in three years.

This pact addresses the main issue for which CCOO has challenged the Provincial Hospitality Agreement of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, thewage discrimination, and improves conditions by serving payroll at the level of the best agreements in the sector.

Thus, in the first 6 months of the year, the maids received 100.74 euros per month in productivity, a restaurant waiter, 305.39 euros and a cook, 428.06 euros.

After signing this agreement, the amounts are almost equalized and by the end of 2021 the maids will get 227.99 euros per month, a restaurant waiter, 228.60 euros and a cook, 231.95 euros.

In addition, the union informs that restaurant waiters and chefs will not lose purchasing power since they will be applied a new plus of turnicidad that establishes the amounts that involve double displacements of split shifts, rest less than 12 hours, rotating shifts of Work and freedom.

The agreement has been signed by the entire company committee, where CCOO holds the majority with 10 representatives by three of Base Unionists.

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