Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

A Hong Kong court prohibits protesters from staying at the airport

A Hong Kong court has banned protesters from staying outside "enabled areas" at the airport of the special Chinese administrative region, the airport authority said today in a press release posted on its website.

The temporary court order will help prevent "people obstructing or interfering voluntarily and illegally with the proper use of the Hong Kong International Airport," notes its text.

This provisional judicial requirement comes after the airport remained virtually blocked during Monday and Tuesday by protesters protesting the alleged police brutality when dispersing public protests that have been going on in the city for ten weeks.

Likewise, the legal text prevents people from "participating in any demonstration, protest or act of public order at the airport in areas other than those designated by the airport authority."

The authorities announced their intention to publish the document of the judicial requirement as soon as they obtain the sealed copies of it.

Meanwhile, normality began arriving at the airport on Wednesday morning (GMT +8 time), where the number of cancellations was 51 on outbound flights and 61 of arrivals, according to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

This media said that the number of protesters at that time was barely fifty in the terminal, after being thousands in the previous two days.

Hong Kong is on its way to its eleventh consecutive weekend of protests, which began in June with opposition to a controversial extradition bill but have evolved into a series of demands for improvement of the city's democratic mechanisms.

Under the formula "One country, two systems", Beijing undertook to maintain the autonomy of Hong Kong and respect a series of unimaginable freedoms in mainland China until 2047, after regaining the sovereignty of British-owned territory in 1997.

But many protesters saw in the controversial proposed extradition law – whose processing was declared "dead" by the Hong Kong Executive in early July – an attempt by China to meddle in Hong Kong's affairs.

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