May 13, 2021

A high percentage of null votes is anticipated in the legislative elections of Peru

A high percentage of null and blank voting, of around 43%, is anticipated in the legislative elections of the next 26 in Peru, according to polls and voting drills published this Sunday in Lima.

A mock vote by the company Ipsos, published by the newspaper El Comercio, revealed that 43.1% choose to vote blank or vitiate / cancel their vote, which rises to 50% in Lima and 40% in the rest of regions of the country

These extraordinary elections seek to elect 130 representatives of the Congress, after the dissolution of the Parliament dictated by the Peruvian president Martín Vizcarra, so that they fulfill a period of one year and a half of legislatures.

The dissolution of the Congress had a majority support of the population, following the corruption scandals in national politics, and the new Parliament will have to complete the time left to complete from its five-year period to the previous Legislative.

The most voted political party in the drill is the conservative Popular Action with 8.4%, followed by the Fujimori Popular Force with 6.3%, and the centrist Purple Party with 6.2%.

Other movements that are also anticipated will have representatives in the next Congress are Alliance for Progress (APP) that had 5.6% in the simulation, and Somos Peru with 4.3%.

The parties that will try to reach a seat in Parliament are, according to the drill, the Peruvian Aprista party of the late former president Alan García with 2.8%, the leftist Frente Amplio with 2.7%, the centrist Partido Popular Cristiano with 1, 7% or the party of former Lima mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio, the right-wing National Solidarity with 0.8%, among others.

In the national survey, which also applied Ipsos, the results are similar, with 31% responding that they will vote blank or stale, while 15% do not indicate who will vote next Sunday.

Acción Popular continues to lead the preferences with 10% voting intention, followed by the Purple party with 6%, Fuerza Popular with 5% and Alliance for Progress also with 5%.

The president of Ipsos Peru, Alfredo Torres, explained that 43% of blank / vitiated vote in the drill “is a record figure.”

“Normally in the parliamentary elections the target and vice is high, but it is around 20 or 25%,” he added.

In Torres’ opinion, this answers that “there are too many options in a campaign where no party is very strong. The information is very scattered, so many do not choose.”

The expert does not expect major changes in the electorate with a view to the date of the elections and estimates that “we will have four or five games of the first places and the rest, three or four will pass the fence” of at least 5% .

The national Ipsos drill was applied to a sample of 1,215 people between January 15 and 17, with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 2.8%.


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