March 7, 2021

A helicopter falls in Germany, second accident after the clash of eurocazas

A German Army helicopter crashed near the town of Hamelin in the north of the country on Monday, killing at least one of its occupants, the German Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The accident occurred around 2:00 pm local time (12.00 GMT) and the device was a training helicopter, said the ministry, which indicated that two people were on board and that the causes of the accident are being investigated.

The helicopter, according to German media, belonged to the training center located in Bückeburg ("land" of Lower Saxony) and was of the Eurocopter 135 model, manufactured by the European Airbus consortium.

The event is the second in less than a week of devices of the German Air Force, after the past June 24 two eurocazas suffered an accident during a maneuver in Malchow (east), which caused the death of one of the pilots.

On that occasion the pilots made use of the parachute after the collision between the two planes, but one of them died while the other was hung from a tree and was later rescued.

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