A hacker steals cryptocurrencies worth 326 million dollars

Bitcoin icon on a wall.

Bitcoin icon on a wall.

A hacker stole $326 million in cryptocurrencies by attacking one of the so-called 'bridges' that allow you to exchange different types of these digital currencies, as reported on Wednesday by the victims of the attack. The attack targeted the Wormhole Bridge, a protocol that allows netizens to switch between Ethereum and Solana cryptocurrencies. The attacker would have taken advantage of a vulnerability in the Solana section of the bridge.

"The Wormhole network was mined for 120 wETH. ETH will be added in the next few hours to ensure wETH has a 1:1 backing. We are working to quickly reopen the network. Thank you for your patience," they said in a message from Twitter those responsible for Wormhole.

This is the largest computer attack in the cryptocurrency sector so far in 2022. From Wormhole they have offered a reward of 10 million dollars if the funds stolen they are returned.

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