June 24, 2021

A 'hacker' attack compromises Outlook emails for three months – The Province

Microsoft has begun to notify users of itsOutlook email serviceabout the existence of unauthorized access by an external stakeholder that has compromised the account information for three months, betweenJanuary and March of this year 2019.

Through Reddit, a user has shared a message from the Microsoft data protection office in the European Union in which he warns about unauthorized access, for which the 'hackers' have used a compromised credentials of Outlook support .

Among the data that have been exposed aredata related to the account such as the email address, the names of attachments, the subjects of the emails and the names and addresses of other users with whom it has been written.

According to the US company, this unauthorized access is the responsibility of agents external to Microsoft and took place between January 1 of this year and March 28.

Microsoft has ensured in its notification to users that the authors of the accessthey could not get to read the inside of the post officeor get the keys to the accounts. The credentials used in the attack have already been deactivated.

But nevertheless,the company recommends changing the password as a precaution to affected users, and also warns that the accessed data can be used to carry out 'phishing' or 'spam' campaigns through insecure senders.

A spokesperson for Microsoft has confirmed the existence of authorized access in a statement to Europa Press, which states that "it affected a limited subset of user accounts" and for which "compromised credentials have been disabled and access to the authors has been blocked". "


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