A group of immigrants spends the night outdoors in Fuerteventura

Rescue rescues 141 immigrants from five boats on the Ruta Canaria

Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), Oct 30 (EFE) .- 48 men, 12 women, three of them pregnant, and three minors have slept in the open on the dock of Puerto del Rosario, after being rescued from a pneumatic boat last night , given the lack of space in the Temporary Reception Centers for Foreigners (CATE) after 171 people were assisted in a single day in waters near the island.

After arriving in Puerto del Rosario, the crew members of the pneumatic had to spend the night in the open at the dock of the capital due to the lack of space in the two CATEs, installed by Interior on the island, as they have confirmed to Efe two sources from the Security and Emergency Services.

Although at first it was considered to install tents on the dock, finally the crew of the boat had to stay out in the open.

It is planned that throughout the morning they will be transferred to one of the temporary reception centers, once it is emptied.

The situation comes after a difficult week in Fuerteventura, an island that more than 300 people have arrived this week.

This Friday three boats were rescued by Guardamar Talía. The first of them with 59 people, including 44 men, 11 women and four minors. All of sub-Saharan origin, except for eight who claimed to be from Bangladesh.

When they were traveling to port with 59 people on board, the Maritime Rescue vessel had to return for another 49 that had been spotted by a merchant freighter when they tried to reach the Canary Islands.

During the rescue, a man was reported missing and a woman had to be evacuated to the hospital in Gran Canaria in serious condition after they jumped from the pneumatic into the sea.

The third, with 63 immigrants, including three minors and three pregnant women, was rescued by the Talía boat, after the Sasemar 103 plane located the pneumatic 50 kilometers from Fuerteventura.

The covid-19 protocol is applied to people who arrive by boat to the Canary Islands, in which, in addition to performing diagnostic tests to detect possible positive cases of coronavirus, they have to be in isolated groups, without mixing with those of other boats. until they are referred to host resources.

At the moment, there are two CATEs on the island, one in the Schengen warehouse at the Puerto del Rosario dock with capacity for about 120 people and another located in a warehouse rented by the Ministry of the Interior, in the El Matorral area, with capacity also for about 120 people.

The intention is to be able to start next week to use the so-called Nave del Queso, an enclosure located in an industrial zone on the outskirts of Puerto del Rosario, owned by the Cabildo that has ceded the facilities to the Ministry of the Interior for a period of five months. to be used as CATE where to carry out the filiation and the screening of the covid-19 during the first 72 hours of arrival.

Fuerteventura also has a shared management center managed by the NGO Cepaim, located in a hotel in Caleta de Fuste, in the municipality of Antigua, in addition to the camp that the Red Cross manages in El Matorral, where the tents have been removed to begin the works of a new reception center in the old military dependencies.

So far this year, 79 boats have arrived in Fuerteventura, 22 of them in October, the highest number of boats in the period of a month since the Ruta Canaria was reopened from the African continent in 2019.


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