A group busts an act of Churches in the Complutense to the shout of “Outside sells university workers”

Their shouts, which have arrived a few minutes after Iglesias took the floor, have caused the boos and whistles by the rest of the public, which has responded with the slogan ‘Outside the University Fascists’.

Iglesias stars on Wednesday the debate ‘Reactionism and fascism in the 21st century’ that he has had with the former Vice President of Bolivia Álvaro García Linera in the Faculty of Policies of the Somoguas Campus of the Complutense University, where Iglesias was a professor before jumping to the First political line when we created Podemos in 2014.

After the interruption, Iglesias has asked the organizers to give them a microphone to take the floor and listen to their demands. After a brief debate, young people have chosen to leave the auditorium.


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