March 5, 2021

A grotesque image of a possible assault on Johnny Depp by his ex-wife emerges

The actor Johnny Depp, known fundamentally for giving life to Jack Sparrow, one of the most iconic pirates of the cinema (and protagonist of the film "Pirates of the Caribbean"), is not going through a good time. To his labor problems (lately he does not enjoy the cache he enjoyed one day) marital conflicts are added: in May, Depp announced the complaint to Amber Heard for alleged physical and psychological abuse of his figure. Now, to delve deeper into the conflict, an image of the actor has appeared on a stretcher of a australian hospital after allegedly suffering an aggression by the actress, where you can see a finger severed in half and lying down, impassive, suffering.

As reported Antenna 3, the photo would have been taken after Depp had suffered an aggression by Amber in 2015. After announcing her intentions regarding a “post-nuptial agreement”, the actress of “Aquaman” would have gone into a rage and He would have thrown a glass bottle, which would have cut the actor's phalanx, and would have put out a cigarette in his face. You can see the blackish chink itself in the face.

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