October 24, 2020

A green answer for an increasingly aware consumer



Green energy has been gaining ground for a few years now, consolidating itself as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative. These two qualities are, surely, those that have placed her on the starting line to be the great protagonist of the near future. The commitment of public administrations to renewable energies also has other key dates: 2030, when, as signed in the Paris agreements, Spain should be decarbonized; and 2050, when all generation must be renewable and there will be no space for nuclear. The actors that play a leading role in the energy market must play the corresponding roles to achieve the objectives set. Regarding the role of energy traders, energy from renewable sources already marks a good part of the products preferred by customers, who choose a company based on the so-called “green factor”.

Only renewable sources

Since last September 1, the Cantabrian energy marketer supplies all home contracts, both new and existing, Aldro Zero energy, from 100% renewable sources. The energy marketer is committed to caring for the planet and seeks energy efficient solutions that help both its customers in saving their bills and protecting their environment. “At Aldro we have been working for months to make the energy of homes and companies increasingly green and we do it hand in hand with Aldro Zero, green energy from 100% renewable sources”, she explains Antonio Colino, general manager of the marketer. In addition, the company promotes self-consumption of solar energy by placing panels for all types of facilities. “The objective is for green energies to consolidate the ground acquired in recent years, giving rise to a model committed to the environment and to the future of present and future generations.”

The company wants to be involved in its firm commitment to protect the environment while helping your customers save. «Aldro puts green energy and self-consumption on the table as protagonists of the energy sector and of the company’s strategy, which has to open the way to new consumption models that empower the customer and make him aware of the benefits of energy efficiency and responsible and efficient use, as established through the approval of the latest package of energy directives in the EU, ”explains Colino. In the case of the installation of solar panels, «it allows the customer to save on their energy bill and, with this saving, the customer can pay the fee for something that will eventually become 100% his, also increasing the value of his real estate asset ”, he adds.

Empower the customer

From Aldro they highlight the role of a increasingly active and participatory consumer, «Which uses technology for its own benefit because it has the tools to do so, comparing offers on the Internet, consulting its invoices and savings, and deciding through which channel to interact with its provider. It is time to empower the client ”, clarifies the CEO. In the current health crisis, the energy sector is one of the fundamental pillars in the economic recovery. Colino believes that coming out of the crisis with a greater percentage of renewable sources will be decisive in achieving a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and, with it, “less air pollution, which will result in an improvement for the health of everybody”.

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