A great Madrid strikes first against Valencia Baket

Causeur, in an action of Real Madrid - Valencia Basket.

Causeur, in an action of Real Madrid - Valencia Basket.

The Real Madrid started with victory81-70) the semifinal series of the Endesa League before him Valencia Basket this Sunday at the WiZink Center, a solid performance from the defense and the rebound, with the points of a successful Fabien Causeur (24).

Those of Pablo Laso, with the latest casualties of Nicolás Laprovittola and Sergio Llull, had plenty of energy to see themselves a victory in the final. Madrid marked differences in defense and especially in the rebound (52-33), with Garuba (12 sacks) and Tavares (17 points and 11 rebounds) ornery under hoops.

With their fans back, Madrid entered with everything in search of the first blow. Much better in defense and attack, Laso's team opened differences with a great Alocen in the direction and with Taylor in that intensity to stun the 'taronja'. Valencia entered asleep but the white slap made him react (30-14).

Kalinic was the one who brought the visitors out of the initial lethargy, but Madrid liked each other in the rhythm that does the most damage from the rebound. An inspired Causeur was the new 'taronja' problem in the second quarter, when that maximum difference arrived (+16). The rebound weighed heavily but there were no nerves in the Valencians.

Those of Jaume Ponsarnau had patience in attack, they moved well and found the gaps and confidence. Two triples in a row by Dubljevic were the key for Valencia to finish entering the fight, also rowing Kalinic, facing the second part (44-38). The resumption lowered the success and Madrid won the hand by defending an imperial Garuba.

With his brother Euroleague junior champion in the stands, Madrid's physical prowess led the local deployment that left Ponsarnau's team with eight points in the third quarter. Those of Laso won in the guerrilla war and secured an income of 10 points That shot up at the start of the last quarter.

Causeur struck again and Alocen took the reins. The bad news for Madrid was again those of physical problems, with Rudy Fernández dragging his right leg to ask for the change. In the last quarter, Garuba also hurt, although he transmitted tranquility on the bench and Rudy also returned.

Madrid did not need to press, in a placid end from 71-54 with five minutes left. The objective of the league reconquest of Laso's team marches intact, in search of the last step on Tuesday at La Fonteta. There, Valencia will have to improve a lot to avoid being eliminated in the semifinals.

81 - Real Madrid (25 + 19 + 14 + 23): Alocen (7), Carroll (8), Taylor (13), Garuba (6) and Tavares (17) -the starting five-, Rudy Fernández (-), Causeur (24), Poirier (2), Nuñez (2), Vukcevic (-) and Tyus (2).

70 - Valencia Basket (14 + 24 + 8 + 24): Van Rossom (7), Sastre (3), Kalinic (6), Williams (2) and Tobey (8) -five starters- Prepelic (4), Labeyrie (11), Dubljevic (10), Hermannsson (11), Pradilla (4), San Emeterio (4) and Vives (-).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Jordi Aliaga and Luis Miguel Castillo. Without eliminated

Incidents: First match of the semifinals of the Endesa League, the best of three, played at a WiZink Center that, almost fifteen months later, had an audience in its stands, although with a capacity reduced to a thousand spectators due to the restrictions by the Covid -19.


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