Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

A gray Barça takes a blow in Montenegro | sports

A gray Barça takes a blow in Montenegro | sports

The Barcelona took a tremendous bump in Montenegro, where he lost 67-64 to Buducnost, the penultimate ranked Euroleague. The game was the thickest, the percentages of success very low and the lack of rhythm was spread to all equally. Aleksandar Dzikic, the coach of the Buducnost, excited, concluded the interview on foot after proclaiming: "We won an opponent who is superior to us."


Buducnost: Gordic (12), Edwin Jackson (6), Sehovic (3), Earl Clark (12), Omic (6) - starting team -; Barovic (0), Coty Clarke (9), Popovic (6) and Danilo Nikolic (11).

Barcelona Lassa: Pangos (7), Kuric (8), Hanga (12), Singleton (8), Tomic (10) - initial team-; Séraphin (3), Blazic (0), Heurtel (9), Oriola (4) and Claver (3).

Partial: 14-15, 17-18, 15-13 and 21-18.

Referees: Ryzhyk, Gkontas and Petek.

Moraca from Podgorica (Montenegro). 5,242 spectators. 11th day of the Euroleague.

It is an impression shared by most analysts, but in the thicket of the meeting, the Buducnost was worth the inertia of the last five minutes. He reversed the situation when it seemed that Barcelona was running away and, with a partial 10-0, stood on tiptoe on the scoreboard: 64-59. There was less than a minute and a half left. In that lapse, nerves accentuated the festival of errors, some thick. One of Gordic, the international Serbian base for Bosnia who precisely championed the reaction of their own, allowed Singleton to throw three free throws and put Barcelona to a point, 64-65. But scored the French exarer with Barca past, Edwin Jackson, and in the end the club had to look for a last very fast triple of Hanga, who did not enter.

The triumph had opened for the first to link a hand of successes. It was the Buducnost, thanks to three individual actions of Gordic that were translated in eight consecutive points, a stopper to Pangos and several offensive actions of his pivot Earl Clark. The height of the highs was played by Pangos. The Canadian base with Slovenian passport, in the absence of 40 seconds, hesitated so much to put the ball in play that the referees pointed out the violation for exceeding five seconds of those available for it. In addition, he scored just one of seven triples he threw.

Barcelona finished with 6 of 26 from the maximum distance and a disastrous 6 of 11 in the free throws. Of course, Pangos was not the only one who was out of focus. Hanga and Chris Singleton, with their spurt in the second half, were the only ones who were saved from the general mediocrity in which the Barça team moved.

The game and the result left very badly the image of Barcelona. Svetislav Pesic had already reminded his players how they spend this Buducnost, a team with little sign, and yet capable of defeating Baskonia and CSKA Moscow. Those two Montenegrin team victories were forged with a triple record, 21 against the Basque team, and with another good ration, 14, against the Muscovite. Against Barça, seven were enough. One more sign of how bad the match was.

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