A Gran Canaria shines in'La Voz México' - La Provincia

A Gran Canaria shines in'La Voz México' - La Provincia

Canarian talent shines all over the globe. José Andrés Otero, of Telde, left speechless the 'coaches' of'Mexico's voice' This artist, aged 29, emigrated to UK in search of an opportunity in the world of music. Now, he has decided to travel to the other side of the pond to demonstrate potential in the 'talent show' of the Aztec country.

The Gran Canaria interpreted the theme 'Dancing on my Own', of Calum Scott, and surprised the four 'coaches' Yahir, Ricardo Montaner, Belinda Y Lupillo Rivera with its great staging. All turned their chairs, surrendered to the talent of the canary, to know the face of the participant tried to convince him to stay in their respective teams.

Otero got the full coaches, very difficult to achieve in The voice. And he decided on the Team Montaner.

In this way, the teldense, takes a giant step and enters a program that already knows what grancanario talent is. In the last edition, in the last month of December, Cristina Ramos was the winner of the program.


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