September 26, 2020

A good man left us, my father, Miguel Ángel Molina León – La Provincia

I have written these letters, sometimes sitting next to him, observing him, caressing him and making sure that he does not suffer. I was already aware of the irreversibility of the situation. Through the window of the solitary Hospital I observed a ghost city, deserted, which increased that strange feeling that invaded me.

It goes without saying that within my few abilities, there is no written expression, so please forgive my mistakes. I only try to reflect in black on white, my feelings towards a person, my father, that although it may sound cliché. Those who knew him well know perfectly well that I am not exaggerating if I say that his three children have been very fortunate. Since he was an extraordinary father, an absolutely exceptional person, a good man.

During these final days, the affection, love and respect shown to me by all the people who have cared for him, whether they were family members or not, closer or far, reflects the enormous footprint he left among those who treated him throughout their life, a true benchmark for them.

Dear father, thank you for giving us, through your example, the best values ​​that a human being can treasure; kindness, respect, solidarity, love, sincerity and humility. I never heard him speak ill of anyone, always with good words, sincere, without any malice, just a few sparks of irony, necessary on the other hand. Her face, her eyes reflected kindness and wisdom in equal measure.

Thank you very much for taking care of, loving and respecting your Love, our mother. With that superlative affection and respect that have always been shown. They have been an exemplary couple, intertwined at all levels, worthy of study.

In my fifty years, I never heard them raise their voices, they always preferred to give in and not tighten the rope anymore. Arduous task that only denotes love at its best. They have been a perfect Ying and Yang, with a connection that goes beyond the physical, the earthly. They knew how to understand each other, being so different and enjoying life, their travels, culture in all its expressions.

I am calm, sad for his loss but at peace. I have been absolutely happy to have you these days at home and that you both gave me your company. It is the only thing I can thank the terrible pandemic we are experiencing. I have been able to intensely enjoy her smile, her irony, her beautiful blue-green eyes that have always told the truth. I was already deteriorated and the ironies of life, I had prepared an undercover farewell. We couldn’t imagine how bad it was. But that situation allowed me to have a father-son again, bathe him, shave him, prepare a good plate of food, feed him and even teach him to walk, always with the inseparable company and help of Dñª Amor, your great Love.

Thank you for everything dear father, especially for your teachings, your great example. Your children, by putting into practice a small part of the values ​​that you transmitted, we will be better people.

May your energy fly fast, like lightning to meet your daughter Love, and in her company and your other loved ones, illuminate us from above. Sure as of today there is one more star in the sky that will shine brightly. Don’t worry, we will take care of your Love, not as well as you did, but we will do it, do not hesitate, go calm and in peace.

I do not want to finish without thanking each and every one of those who make up the human team of the palliative unit on the sixth floor of the Dr. Negrín Hospital, for their dedication, professionalism, kindness and humanity. Thank you with all my heart and congratulations on this priceless work.


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