July 6, 2020

A girl creates a video story to explain to other children the situation due to the pandemic – La Provincia

A nine year old girl from Cartaya (Huelva) has made a video story called ‘The story of the traveling coronavirus’ that is aimed at all the children of the town and in which the reason for the confinement due to the pandemic is recounted “in a pedagogical and simple way”. Thus, he explains how the Covid-19 arose, where and how it has been transferred to our country with the message that “together, we will defeat it.”

So, little Beatriz, who has made this video with the help of her parents, is supported by drawings that she herself has made in this first week of quarantine at home and arises from the idea of ​​”giving free rein to creativity”, telling “how everyone’s life has changed“and reflect for the little ones” the messages that are being given to citizens “since” none is addressed to them “, as Pedro Ballesteros, father of the minor, has indicated to Europa Press.

This video story has been collected by the City of Cartaya, after she herself has forwarded it to pass on her story to all the children, “so that they understand what is happening and know that it is going to be solved”, something that Ballesteros has thanked since “it is giving him a lot of visibility in the networks”.

Thus, in this story, Beatriz exposes “what is confinement and coronavirus“something that serves as a” creative and educational activity at home “and, in turn,” is useful as pedagogical resource for the rest of the children“, so they began to elaborate this story with the drawings made by herself, who” is delighted that it is having so much impact since she likes the idea of ​​sharing it with more children “.

The minor’s father has indicated that “children do not understand why they cannot go out or take the bicycle and we try to explain the situation “and transfer that” these days of confinement at home can also be used to make crafts and to do many things with the family, which is the best way to entertain and occupy time. ” video by the Consistory, “since yesterday we have increased in visits from 40 to more than a thousand”.

For their part, the City Council highlighted that with their dissemination they wanted acknowledge “his great work” and thank him “his invaluable collaboration” to convey to the children of the locality, the history of the coronavirus and above all, “of its defeat”.

For this reason, Beatriz’s work remains on the municipal website with a message for the smallest of the locality to those who, from the Town Hall, want to inform them of the situation from the hand of another little girl, “no one better than another girl, to inform everyone.”

This video story is made in a simple and playful way so that the message reaches all the children so that they “understand what is happening” and “know that the mischievous virus that Beatriz refers to will be defeated.”

Finally, the father of the minor has wanted to convey a message from her in which she encourages all the children “to do the same” to “know their perspective on this crisis.”


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