Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

A 'GH VIP' camera almost hits two viewers

The collaborators of
Big Brother VIP
attended a moment precipitate and dangerous on set to the point that what happened left Maite Galdeano speechless. The reason was not another but a great scare driven by drop of one of the cameras that are in the studio where the program is recorded.

"What happened?”, Asked the contestant of the sixteenth edition of the reality show with her daughter Sofia Suescun after observing how the camera that was punctured rushed to the floor of the set of GH VIP Everything went normally until this happened.

Unexpected scare

At that point, and given that the viewers from their home had been able to observe through the camera and Maite Galdeano that something had just happened on set, Jorge Javier Vázquez did not hesitate to approach to explain what had happened a few seconds ago in the live of the gala.

As the reality show host argued, the crane lost control and the tool ended up impacting the public's stand to the point of doing so. very close to where two spectators were. That is why the program driver went to check that they were correctly.

"You almost ate it"

“Nothing has happened, but it is that even the camera has been spliced ​​with the situation,” joked Jorge Javier Vázquez in reference to the video they had just issued. "It has not been seen, but you almost eat it ”, the presenter pointed to the two spectators who went to see how the reality show gala was held and almost ended with the impact of a camera on them.

These, with a great nervous laughThey could not believe what had happened to them while they became protagonists of the reality show gala for a few seconds. Luckily for them it was all a scare that could have reached greater causes if the camera had moved a few centimeters.

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