A geyser appears in a volcanic area of ​​Ciudad Real

A geyser appears in a volcanic area of ​​Ciudad Real

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Water and carbon dioxide mix in this geyser, a phenomenon that has been repeated in the region of Calatrava in recent decades

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A new geyser has appeared in the Ciudad Real region of Campo de Calatrava, an area with a volcanic past that favors the existence of this type of jets that spew water and carbon dioxide from the subsoil to the surface.

The presence of these geysers has begun to be detected in the last two decades as a result of surveys on agricultural land in search of water to open irrigation wells. The last one, discovered in the town of Valenzuela de Calatrava, has also come to the surface as a result of a survey for an irrigation well. The research group "Geomorphology, Territory and Landscapes in Volcanic Regions" (GEOVOL) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha is studying it after residents of the area warned of the presence of this spontaneous jet that spewed liquid mixed with gas into the river wild boar

According to the director of GEOVOL, Rafael Ubaldo Gosálvez, "we are analyzing this phenomenon by satellite with images from the European Space Agency, which tracks the area every five days to check its status." According to this scientist, the geyser has been active for a month, which demonstrates its importance since this type of boiling usually lasts only between one and two weeks.

Granátula de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) had the longest duration -seven months- in the year 2000, which reached a height of 60 meters and attracted a large number of onlookers.

What is common to all of them is the high iron content of the expelled water. These are confined waters, which do not come to the surface through springs and contain a large amount of dissolved carbon dioxide, of magmatic origin.

According to experts, these jets will continue to appear in the future because there will be more drilling in search of water for irrigation at any depth and in any terrain, also on carbon aquifers. For this reason, GEOVOL has come to recommend the prohibition of drilling that affects confined aquifers to prevent the emergence of sour water that hardly has uses.

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