Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

a friendship that seems eternal

25 years ago US TVs broadcast for the first time
, the comedy about a group of friends in New York that marked a generation, included in the tourist guides the building where their protagonists lived and that continues to raise millions with a success still alive.

On the night of September 22, 1994, the NBC chain opened the doors of Central Perk, one of the most celebrated coffee shops in popular culture and in which they coincided Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler Y Ross, six friends who tried to survive a frantic New York with the complicity of millions of spectators around the world.

Series' Friends

'Friends' series

During their first season, the adventures and misadventures of the six protagonists gathered more than 24 million viewers in the US, who remained stuck to the stories of "Friends" for a decade, until 2004, when the series said goodbye before 52 million people after 236 episodes.

But after its ten years of broadcast, with uninterrupted success, the popularity of comedy does not seem to end, because what seemed like a series of times past, for nostalgic of another generation, has lived a renewed interest with the revolution of the streaming platforms and their infinite offer.

Since landing on Netflix, Friends It became one of the jewels of the entertainment giant's catalog, capable of competing with new fictions full of consolidated stars, huge budgets and ambitious promotional campaigns.

TV series' Friends

TV series 'Friends'

So valuable has become the jewel that its original producer, Warner, did not hesitate to disburse this summer more than 400 million dollars to recover Friends and integrate it as one of the diamonds of its future content service, available from 2020.

Thus, the series of the 1990s becomes a main attraction of entertainment at the gates of 2020. It would be an almost impossible task to find a scale that measures the influence of fiction on popular culture, but dozens of tourists that congregate day by day, in the bohemian neighborhood of Greenwich Village in New York, before the apartment building that pretended to be the home of some of the protagonists Friends Give a hint of how deep your footprint is.

There are several tourist guides in the Big Apple that include this complex of buildings among the highlights of their route, and that neither Monica, Rachel, nor Joey really walked around.

The building was part of the New York atmosphere of the series, shot on the sets of Los Angeles, a city where nostalgia has led Warner studios to maintain the decoration of the Central Perk cafeteria, the meeting point of the charismatic friends .

The logo of the establishment printed on the crystals, its striped awning and the mythical orange sofa have become a mandatory stop for hundreds of people who come to Hollywood to relive their favorite stories, but also icons capable of breaking borders and touring the planet .

To celebrate the anniversary of the series, the orange sofa will travel around the world, from the Grand Canyon to the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge, although in some places it will not arouse such interest because metropolis such as Beijing and Shanghai already have their replicas of Central Perk open to the public

Beyond stages, cafes and sofas, millions of nostalgic people around the world also do not forget, 25 years later, Phoebe's style when running, Rachel's haircut, the exchange of apartments between Chandler and Joey with Monica and Rachel, the mysterious "naked man," the Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts cameos or Joey's attempts to succeed as an actor.

Precisely, in the real world of the show, not all the performers of Friends they maintained their success equally, with the exception of Jennifer Aniston.

Even so, the six protagonists of the cast maintain their friendship and, although they rule out a new meeting, they celebrated the anniversary of Friends with the same publication in their social networks, the same that their characters did not yet know in the series.

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