A Frenchwoman, declared partially responsible for the aggression of her partner that left her paraplegic | Society

For some French official institutions, Aïda, a victim of sexist violence of Le Mans, is responsible, at least in part, for being tied to a wheelchair for life after her partner threw her out the window of the second floor where they lived together. Therefore, they have denied him a part of the compensation that was granted in the trial. The head of Equality of Government of Emmanuel Macron, Marlène Schiappa, has put the cry in the sky and has promised to intervene if necessary to correct an "incomprehensible" decision in a country where a woman dies every three days for sexist or sexual violence.

On the night of August 24, 2013, Aïda (fictitious name) had to make a decision. The 25-year-old girl lived with a man she had already denounced on previous occasions for gender-based violence, although her lawyers say that she had never needed hospitalization before. On that summer day five years ago, the police went to the couple's home after a dispute. For their safety, agents recommend Aïda to leave the house, according to the regional newspaper Le Maine, the first to tell the story of the young woman.

Aïda accepts and decides to go to her parents' house, in Alençon, about 50 kilometers from the city where she lives. But it's too late and there are no trains anymore. A taxi is too expensive, he says. Le Maine. The young woman tries to call 115, the social emergency telephone number as macho violence, to obtain alternative accommodation. In vain. Neither do the friends to whom he asks for help respond. Faced with the dilemma of spending the night in the street or returning home, Aïda opts for the second option. And that will be, according to the institutions, their error.

At 3:30 in the morning, the neighbors call the police again. When the agents arrive, they find the young woman seriously wounded in front of the building. After a new fight, her partner had thrown her out the second-floor window.

The man was sentenced in June 2016 to 15 years in prison. At the same time, the young woman was awarded compensation of 90,000 euros to cover medical expenses and to adapt her home and vehicle to her disability. The problem came when his lawyers went to the institutions that must approve the compensation. The Victim Guarantee Fund (FGTI) is the state agency that provides funds for victims of attacks and common crimes such as rape, assault or robbery. In this case, he offered only partial compensation when he considered that "there is a shared responsibility", since Aïda "committed a civil offense (negligence or recklessness) upon returning to his home", cited the decision of one of the lawyers of the young woman in statements to the agency France Presse.

The lawyers complained to the Commission for compensation of victims of infractions (Civi), an office located in each court of great authority to "facilitate the compensation of victims of criminal offenses". But this coincided with the State Fund and reduced the compensation to 67,500 euros. After the young woman's defense appealed, the lawyer general of the Angers court of appeal also confirmed the "shared lack" of the victim at the end of November and called for an even greater reduction in compensation. The next appointment before the court, in which the case will be reviewed, will be held on May 27.

Upon hearing the news from the press, the Secretary of State for Equality for Women and Men, Marlène Schiappa, He described the situation as "deeply shocking and incomprehensible". "To consider that a woman is responsible, even partially, even administratively, for the violence she suffers goes against all the work we do (...) to convince that a woman is never responsible for the violence she suffers", Schiappa stated in his social networks.

According to the Secretary of State, her office is being informed and, in case the situation is as it has been denounced, she will intervene "personally before the institutions responsible for a reparation of damages before the courts. " In addition, he reported that he has sent an official letter "to all insurers and institutions" responsible for "remembering that a woman is NOT ALWAYS responsible for the violence of which she is a victim".


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