October 1, 2020

A four-year-old girl needs help not to lose all her limbs – La Provincia

Carlota is only four years old, but, according to her father, she is very smart and knows what is happening: “She says that her fingers are very bad because they are black.” The little girl continues to fight with all her might, and due to the difficult situation, he is receiving psychological support.

Carlota García Lara, a four-year-old girl, was admitted to the ICU of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga on August 4, transferred from the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquia, where he was diagnosed with a generalized infection in the blood. Two days before, she had diarrhea and vomiting, but when she went to the clinic they would send her home. She is now 40 days in the Maternal Hospital because a sepsis paralyzed her organs.

«They told us that he was dying because he had suffered a sepsis that caused him to stop in the kidneys and other failures in organs such as heart and lungs », details Carlota’s father, Jairo García. The doctors worked against the clock, because every minute was key for the little girl, who after six days with sedation and artificial respiration finally managed to begin to breathe on her own and fight against the consequences.

García expresses that they were very difficult days: «Suddenly they told us that he was dying a girl who does nothing was jumping, running and playing, but we have gained a lot of strength with the support of the family ».

Carlota began to take small steps. About two weeks ago, the hemodialysis machine that connected directly to her kidneys was removed. However, the nightmare is not over. Doctors have reported that all four limbs are damaged due to ischemia produced by microthrombi, so they have to be amputated.

«They told us that she would completely lose her right hand and her left foot, her right foot up to her heel and that of the left hand in principle I would lose the fingers»Describes the father of the visibly affected girl.


Given the situation, the parents of the little girl from Vélez-Málaga have sought a second opinion. “We have started to move because we wanted to try to exhaust all possible resources”, Carlota’s father affirms.

Finally, they have found a better solution in a private clinic in Valencia, where Dr. Pedro Cavadas ensures that it is possible to recover three of the four damaged limbs.

«We sent him Carlota’s medical report and he made us another one assuring us that he could save both his feet, and that the left hand had to be amputated, but it could be recovered through reconstruction », explains the father of the little girl. The news is a breath of hope for the girl, who could keep three of her limbs through treatment accompanied by a quijuric intervention (plastic and reconstructive surgery). However, the cost of all this is very high.

“Between 4,000 and 6,000 euros would cost just the transfer, and the stay would cost 200 euros per day in the ward and 600 euros in the ICU. As for the operation we do not know yet », says García. For this reason, he and his wife, Marina Lara, have started a campaign on social networks, specifically on Facebook and Instagram, to raise funds for the treatment. “Fortunately, it has had a huge impact. Perhaps even more than we expected due to the time we have, ”he guarantees.

The girl’s case is serious because every day that passes she runs the risk of some of the necroses becoming infected, which would make it impossible to save her limbs and would put her life at risk. «We need urgent help in any way, not just financially, We need this to reach as many people as possible in the shortest time, because every day counts, ”pleaded Carlota’s parents.
Response of the hospital center

For their part, sources from the Maternal and Child Hospital have specified that the family of the minor has already been informed that the intervention can be done with all the guarantees in this health center, where she has been hospitalized for two months. In fact, as she points out, “the surgical team has already scheduled a date for the operation.”
This intervention is frequent and the Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology services of the center “have the prestige and knowledge to carry it out.”

“Despite this, the professionals and the hospital management respect that, like any patient, this minor can go to a different center to undergo the intervention, which, however, it would be carried out in the same terms as in the Maternal and Child “, have concluded.


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