June 5, 2020

A former Bolsonaro Health Minister rejects the invitation to return to the Government

Former Health Minister Nelson Teich, who a week ago resigned his post due to differences with President Jair Bolsonaro, rejected this Saturday an invitation to become part of the far-right government, as adviser to the current head of the health portfolio.

The oncologist announced his decision through social networks where he indicated that it would be inconsistent to return to the Ministry of Health, after having resigned as its head just a week ago.

“I thank the acting Minister Eduardo Pazuello for the invitation to be a counselor in the Ministry of Health, but it would be inconsistent to have left the post of Minister of Health last week and accept the position of Counselor the following week,” Teich wrote in his account in Twitter

In another message, Teich complemented that his objective in the ministry was to bring a more technical management model that would increase the efficiency of the health system “being more technical does not only mean having more technical medical conduct. That would be treating the problem of in a simplistic way, “said the former minister.

“A technical conduct of the health system means a management where strategy, planning, goals and actions are based on broad and precise information, continuously accompanied by indicators,” he concluded.

Teich, an oncologist with no experience in public administration, was appointed Minister of Health by Bolsonaro on April 17 after dismissing Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a staunch defender of quarantines to prevent the spread of the pandemic, a move that the far-right leader did not shares and that until today has left more than 21,000 dead in Brazil.

The South American country occupies, since the eve, the second place in the world by number of infected, with 330,890 confirmed cases.

Teich also defended the confinement, but what hastened his departure from the current government were the differences he had with the president on chloroquine, an antimalarial drug that Bolsonaro raises as a salvation from COVID-19, although its effectiveness has not been scientifically proven and its use brings serious side effects.

The invitation to return to the Health portfolio was extended by its current head, General Eduardo Pazuello, a military man with no experience in the area, who assumed a week ago as interim minister.

Pazuello, who last month had been appointed as Brazil’s deputy health minister by Bolsonaro, will serve temporarily as incumbent until the head of state decides on Teich’s replacement.


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