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A for the belt of life - The Province

"I am a Christian, but I am also a doctor, as a believer, I tell you that there must be a miracle, and as a doctor, with what I see in that brain scanner and knowing what has happened, I have to be clear: it is difficult for me to get ahead". The sentence, so hard and forceful, was pronounced by one of the doctors of the Hospital Materno Infantil de Canarias to the face of Yeray García 'el Pera'. He did it in reference to his youngest son, Yeray -as the father-, who from 8 years and after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he accumulates 28 visits to the operating room, the last ones, since in the month of June they discovered that that tumor that they removed with eight centimeters in 2014 had reproduced until reaching ten.

That last big blow came on June 9 of this year. A day earlier, 'el Pera' climbed into the ring to box for the last time since he decided to put on his gloves again. In his gym in Tamaraceite, Yeray raised Pera Boxing and molded some of the best fighters of recent years in the Islands as Aramis Torres or Kevin Reyes. However, for almost four months it has hardly been there. The Pear is facing his great fight. Again.

After being admitted for an emergency, the carousel of interventions, postoperative complications and terrible predictions began. Because after removing the tumor, a successful operation, came a cerebral infarction and a thrombosis. "The doctors told me that if he was lucky and went ahead, he would stay in a bed for life, but he has regained mobility and certain neurological aspects, speaking to us in sign language and snapping his fingers. , comments 'El Pera'.

The complications did not stop: a meningitis, a pneumonia or two hemorrhages in the carotid attacked Yeray, who is now 13 years old. "They spent all day with him, 15 or 16 hours with a whole medical team for him, they put ten bags of blood," adds the ex-boxer and coach, who together with Yvonne Soto, his wife, and their daughters Arima and Yanira. , they live in the Maternal Child.

Now, in a coma vigil [“Nos oye, nos siente, está consciente y puede comunicarse, pero sin hablar con nosotros”] his improvement within gravity has been remarkable. For the moment, he has been able to swallow his saliva or is able to breathe on his own after a tracheotomy. Huge steps for the 'Baby', as his family says. All thanks to the desire to live of Yeray, but also to the group of doctors and nurses led by Maximino González Ojellón, neurosurgeon of the Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria. "He is the guardian angel of my son, even on holidays or who did not have to work, he came if there is any complication," he says.

But the way left to Yeray, football fan with past in the school of UD Las Palmas and Atlético Gran Canaria, is still expected long. Long and expensive. And is that the recommendation of all specialists so that Yeray, once the medical discharge, continue with the rehabilitation process is almost 2,500 kilometers from the island and about 200,000 euros away. The Guttmann Institute, located in Barcelona, ​​is a reference neurorehabilitation center in Spain and Europe, specializing in patients with acquired brain damage. "It costs around 500 or 550 euros a day, according to what they told me when I gave them their medical records, and the first year of recovery since discharge is the most important," he says.

'El Pera', from the hands of different health professionals, knows some cases of people who have arrived at the Guttmann Institute in a situation similar to that of their son Yeray and have improved their quality of life in a brutal way. He also knows cases where the National Health System has referred patients to this center. However, he does not believe that his situation will be that. "I can not wait, with everything he has fought to be here, he deserves to fight for him as much as we can, he has seized life in an incredible way, doctors say, that less than trying to take him to the best place. , he deserves it for everything that has had to happen, "he says.

And in that 'fight' goes 'the Pear' looking for the way to finance the costly recovery of his 'Baby'. A rehabilitation that already lived after the first tumor, which left serious sequels: lost vision in one eye and almost 70% of the other. A fact that forced him to learn to live with this visual disability in a center of the ONCE in Madrid. "Before these months, I was fine, I won a championship of 100 meters of athletics", says 'El Pera'. Now Yeray, his father and his family run to try to win the most important race: that of life.


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