A football team from Wuhan, epicenter of the coronavirus, arrives Wednesday in Malaga

The Wuhan Zall, soccer team of the Chinese city of Wuhan that the Spanish José González trains, will arrive this Wednesday to Malaga for a pre-season rally, no show coronavirus symptomatology, an outbreak that has had its epicenter in this Asian population, as reported by the Junta de Andalucía.

The expedition of this team of the First Division of your country will arrive from Istanbul and Shanghai without presenting “virus-related symptoms”, according to a statement from the Board of Health and Families.

The Ministry also states that previously the Spanish technician’s team focused on the Chinese city of Guangzhou, about a thousand kilometers from Wuhan, so they were not at the source of the coronavirus’s focus when it began to spread.

The Wuhan Zall has been out of his city since last January 2 and, therefore, the maximum incubation period has passedor to watch, the statement continues.

The Coronavirus Monitoring Advisory Group in Andalusia will carry out a follow-up, while reiterating a message of tranquility to the population since the team members, players and coaching staff, do not present any type of symptom linked to the outbreak.

Since last Thursday you can neither leave nor enter Wuhan as it is quarantined by the virus, since the Chinese authorities estimate in fourteen days the incubation time of the same, which has already caused 106 deaths and a total of 4,515 confirmed cases throughout the Asian country. EFE


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