A flower (with thorns) in the pact

Casimiro Curbelo, in 2019, at the beginning of the legislature, with the rest of the deputies waiting for him for a group photo. / arcadio suarez

Three years ago he was able to tip the balance of the regional pact to the right or left. Now he is back at the center of the controversy

At 4.30 in the morning most citizens sleep. Others work so that at dawn everything is in its place and then there is a group that squeezes waking time at that time in a leisure venue, thus contributing to the maintenance of those businesses. In one of those groups
The president of the Cabildo de La Gomera was there on the morning of the 8thdeputy for that island and leader of the Gomeran Socialist Group (ASG),
Casimir Curbelo.

The rest is already known: he was in the Anaga 15 karaoke pub, on the avenue of the same name in the capital of Tenerife. There he shared his time and a few drinks, according to eyewitnesses, with other politicians,
as the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, as well as previously there was a dinner with the presence of other institutional leaders. Miguel Q. was also at the premises, who admits having also had a drink on account of Curbelo's generosity,
that he would have exhibited "a wad of bills" when paying.

On leaving the premises, Miguel Q. approaches Casimiro Curbelo with his mobile phone and asks him several questions while recording the sequence. He asks him about the port of Adeje and about Gesplan, after a comment in which he tries to distinguish between Casimiro Curbelo who seems like a good person and Casimiro Curbelo who is part of the political class. The Gomeran politician is notably uncomfortable with the questions,
ask them to stop recording and the sequence ends abruptly: you can see that something is happening with Miguel Q., the camera moves at high speed and a voice is heard repeating «ay, Aday». End of recording.

Miguel Q., author of the video and complainant, coincided with Curbelo at karaoke and admits having had a drink on account of the politician's generosity

Aday is Aday Curbelo, one of the sons of Casimiro Curbelo. The same one with whom he shared a decade ago a
controversial evening in an entertainment venue in Madrid which ended with the two detained by the National Police. After the incident at the Santacrucero karaoke, Miguel Q. has a medical report that refers to some injuries to the head and other parts of the body, which could be a consequence of the blows and shoves that, according to details in the complaint he filed with the National Police , allegedly suffered at the hands of Aday and Casimiro Curbelo himself. Miguel Q. published the recording of the incident on YouTube and on Thursday the matter ran through the media. The digital newspaper 'Canariasahora' echoed that night, shortly after the news appeared in Canarias7.es and the day after on the front page of this newspaper in its printed edition.

The complainant maintains that
the recordings of video cameras in the street will corroborate his version and it will be known what happened and who intervened.
Curbelo denies the complainant's versionas advanced, in a brief information, last Friday Canarian Television.

That incident in Madrid comes to mind. According to Casimiro Curbelo, rivers of ink were written but loaded with falsehoods. What is certain, and this is confirmed in a final judgment, is that the then socialist senator accepted the sentence for
assaulting a National Police agentagreeing with the Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office a fine for resisting authority and injuries.

Curiously, it was also around 4:30 a.m., but not in a karaoke but in the local Gola, from which Aday, Casimiro Curbelo and a friend of the former were expelled. They met three police officers on duty at the exit, whom they asked to accompany them to the establishment because they were dissatisfied with their expulsion and wanted to file a complaint. "As they did not receive the desired response," says the document of the pact that led to a final sentence, "and one of the companions was arrested, Curbelo addressed the police officers stating that he was a senator and pronouncing expressions such as 'you are terrorists ', 'some drunks', 'you don't know who you're dealing with',
'I'm going to go one by one of you, I'm going to end your careers». According to the story published by the newspaper 'El Español' based on that document agreed with the Prosecutor's Office, Curbelo "hit a police officer with his hand" and, once at the police station, "he pounced on the same agent" , causing some injuries.

Casimiro Curbelo in the video recorded by Miguel Q.

The Gomeran politician accepted a
fine of 900 euros and compensation of 50 euros to the agent attacked. The Prosecutor's Office significantly lowered the sentence on understanding that there had been undue delays in the procedure.

Now we will have to see how the karaoke incident ends. In the absence of a year for the end of the legislature,
what happened bothers within the regional government pact. Everyone in the Executive and in the parliamentary majority that supports it remembers that in 2019 Curbelo was key to the configuration of agreements. Not decisive, but a qualified actor: with just over 6,000 votes, the Agrupación Socialista Gomera -party that he founded after his divorce with the PSOE precisely because of the treatment of this party after the incident in Madrid- won three seats that contributed to the majority which invested Ángel Víctor Torres as president.

ASG was given a Ministry -the Ministry of Tourism, with Yaiza Castilla- at the head, and Curbelo also reserved control of the company Visocan, the almost privileged consultancy in the preparation of the Budgets of the Autonomous Community in everything related to its island and capacity for de facto influence in relation to port policy affecting La Gomera. He also extends his power to health policy on Isla Colombina and has taught the regional councilors that any call from him must be attended to as a priority. Otherwise, he reminds locals and strangers alike that he is a personal friend of Fernando Clavijo, who can expand into regional politics with a political project that would include
alliances with insular parties and the thinly veiled threat of presenting a plan in Tenerife to rob the PSOE of at least one seat and a couple of councilors in the Cabildo with the votes it claims to control in the south of the island.

In the Executive, everyone remembers that Curbelo was key in 2019 for the configuration of agreements, with just over 6,000 votes

Where will you be in 2023 when the polls open and you have to make guesses for the pacts? For sure, he knows it and will depend on mathematics. The Socialists considered a year and a half ago for him to return to the PSOE through the front door, in a reconciliation that they discussed with Curbelo, among others, José Luis Ábalos -then Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, an all-powerful minister and now in disgrace- and Jerónimo Saavedra -who also helped with calls and meetings for Curbelo to enter the Pact of Flowers-. The truth is that the legislature is on its way to ending and Curbelo has preferred to continue with his ASG,
the guarantee that it will again have three seats and the conviction that governability can once again pass through their hands. We will have to see, yes, if the karaoke incident takes its toll on him, not so much in votes on La Gomera as in his status as the preferred interlocutor for the agreements.

Those who praise him underline his political nose, his intuition and his ability to secure votes. About this, a fact: the students of La Gomera who reside in the capital of Gran Canaria and take a vehicle from Guaguas Municipales have the
transportation subsidized by the Cabildoto which are added many other services paid for by the insular entity on that island and for La Gomerans residing abroad.

Those who do not laugh at him or simply believe he is a prototype of a politician from another era, point out that if he overcomes the karaoke incident, sooner or later his flower in the regional pact will be like a thistle with thorns.

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