July 30, 2021

A flamenco circle that expands | Culture

A flamenco circle that expands | Culture

In the world of flamenco there are many artists who have stayed on the road, who have not reached the great stages for reasons, sometimes, alien to their art. The Círculo Flamenco de Madrid has proposed rescuing to restore their illusion and dignity. This association, which was born in 2013 from the hand of 13 fans, has decided to take the leap and leave its headquarters in OFF Latina to organize its first festival, which will feature singers of different generations and fortune, such as Luis Moneo, Fernando de la Morena, Antonio Reyes and Jesús Méndez.

"What we have been doing is a close, intimate flamenco that generates complicity between artists and fans, but we know that we have to publicize our work outside our circle and that need has coincided with our wish to honor José Luis Gálvez [fallecido el pasado año], one of the founding partners, a great connoisseur of flamenco, and whose work as a programmer and writer has made it possible to get to know the artists of Jerez in Madrid, "said Carlos Martín Ballester, president of the Flamenco Club, in Madrid on Tuesday.

"The poster of the festival, which will be held on October 11 at the Marcelino Camacho Auditorium, is very much to the taste of Gálvez and also of ours." They are artists who had a lot of relationship with him, such as the Jerez-born cantaores Luis Moeno, Jesús Méndez and Fernando de la Morena, accompanied by the guitars of Diego del Morao and Domingo Rubichi, "added Martín Ballester at the presentation of the festival that was held at El Corral de la Morería, the tablao and gastronomic restaurant that has the best wine cellar in the Marco of Jerez and that the City Council of the town of Cadiz has declared Jerez "embassy".

"They are all first figures and we intend it to be a celebration for the luck we have had to meet Gálvez, besides Jerez, where the compás are also responsible: El Chícharo, Rafa Romero and José Rubichi, the Utrera cantes will also be with Diego el Cabrillero and Antonio Moya, as well as Cancanilla de Málaga ", points Elvira López Hidalgo, also member of the circle, organizer of shows and screenwriter of the documentary Flamencas: Double fatigue, in which the role of women in this art is claimed.

The Círculo Flamenco, which currently has 60 members and organizes at least two monthly activities at its headquarters (Mancebos, 4, in La Latina), has rescued, promoted and supported artists such as Salmonete de Jerez, Diego de Morón or Diego Cabrillero; a work that now they want to complement with this festival that is born with vocation of continuity. The event, which will also feature the guitar of Antonio Moya and the singing of Antonio Reyes, one of the most outstanding figures of the moment, will last two and a half hours, a forecast that is certainly contained in a poster with six singers.


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