Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

A 'First Dates' diner would have rejected her appointment because she was from Vox

The general elections held on November 10 have made it clear that the rise of the extreme right in Spain is a fact after Vox be located in the Congress of Deputies as the third political force. Therefore it is not surprising that programs such as
First Dates
have seen a reef in quotes where the politics takes center stage.

In this case the story has Julia and Joaquin as protagonists. She is a 51 year old Valencian who he works in bingo since “all his life” And that he loves his job. He, a professor of computer science who saw in 1983 the future in technology. “He had very good professional perspectives,” he explained.

But if this event was highlighted for something, it is not because of his work, but because of a question from him that triggered a curious reaction from Julia. “I was going to ask you about two issues that concern me: political ideology and religious ideology ”.

She was surprised that on a first date she was asked about these aspects, but still replied: “I am quite disappointed in the whole field of Spanish politics, both left and right. ” But the diner did not leave it there and claimed that he sensed, "if my psychology does not fail me, that your ideology is of rights."

“If you were a Vox or PP voter, it would be very complicated between us”

He denied it and she replied relieved that “If you were a Vox or PP voter, the thing would be very complicated between us" According to Julia, he had thought he was a right-wing voter "because of his way of dressing, speaking, his work … of the PP at least." However, his hypothesis fell apart.

In addition, it was finished sinking after he recognized that “there is nothing that upsets me more than going to mass ”, while she did consider herself Catholic "but not practicing because I don't go to Mass." Appearances deceived Julia and finally, despite Joaquin's yes, they both left for their respective homes without seeing each other again.

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