August 3, 2021

A fireman disappeared after the torrential rains in Malaga

A fireman disappeared after the torrential rains in Malaga

The cold drop has left torrential rains on its way through Andalusia, especially in the province of Malaga, where a firefighter is still missing and emergency services have had to manage more than 500 emergencies. In addition, twenty young people have been trapped on the roof of a garage in Campillos (Malaga) and a bus with 66 people and 15 cars blocked on a road by the accumulation of water as a result of heavy rains that have occurred in the north of this Andalusian province.

In the province of Malaga, up to twenty municipalities have reported incidents of flooding, overflows, incidents in the road network, as well as rescues of people and vehicles in flooded areas. Among the most affected municipalities are Almargen, Antequera, Ardales, Carratraca, Casarabonela, Campillos, Fuente de Piedra, Humilladero, Sierra de Yeguas and Teba.

Campillos is one of the towns with the highest level of affectation, and it was precisely on the road between Campillos and Teba where a fire truck occupied by three soldiers overturned this Saturday, two of which were rescued, but the third remains missing and is being sought by members of the Group of Underwater Specialties of the Civil Guard (GEAS).

On the road linking Ronda to Campillos rescue was also requested for a vehicle dragged by the current with five people inside, including a minor.

A bus with 66 people and a fortnight of cars were also blocked on the A-357 due to the accumulation of water on the road.

In this same locality campillera there have been repeated flooding notices on streets, houses and public facilities, as well as rescue requests, among them more than thirty people in a hotel establishment located on Avenida de la Constitución, due to the entrance and rise of water level in the premises, or a score of young people near the barracks house of the Civil Guard of the town trapped in the roof of a garage, in addition to another group of 15 people in a house next to the purification plant.

From his Twitter account, the City of Campillos has informed in the early hours of this Sunday that the Civil Guard has installed a command post at the gas station of the municipality, and has requested anyone who has a tractor and / or inflatable boat or similar, and have access to them, to go there to help the floods that are being recorded.

Requests for relief have also been repeated in Teba for 16 people blocked in a house on the Tajo del Molino with water inside the house or trapped on the A-384 with water inside the tourism.

In Antequera there have also been requirements for flooding in different parts of the town. The mayors of Casarabonela and Fuente de Piedra have also reported incidents in their municipalities.

Traffic cuts

As for the roads, there are total cuts in the A-7278 – between kilometer points zero and ten – in Teba, as well as in the A-384 – from 98 to 106 – and MA-6404 –del kilometer zero to nine–, both in the municipality of Campillos. Also, the A-357 is closed by the rain in Carratraca; while the A-365 from Sierra de Yeguas to Fuente de Piedra and the A406 between Sierra de Yeguas and Martin de la Jara and the road that links Álora to El Chorro remain impassable as well. Rail traffic has been interrupted between the stations of Campillos and Almargen, as well as between Fuente de Piedra and La Roda (in Seville), as detailed in 112.

The delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, is in the Fire Station of Antequera together with the provincial coordinator of Emergency Management and the Emergency Group of Andalusia (GREA), place where has installed the Advanced Command Post for the coordination of actions on the ground.

In the province of Malaga, which during the day of this Saturday kept a special monitoring device all day, the Emergency Plan of the Board was activated at 1.01 am in the morning before the flood risk, in the provincial phase .

The Municipal Emergency Plans (PEM) of Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga and Campillos are operative. At this time the emergency operations of 112, Civil Protection, Fire, Civil Guard, Local Police and National Police and Environment They work hard to resolve the numerous requests for help that are being received and try to return the affected points to normal.

Red level

The State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) keeps activated the red level warning for rain in the districts of Ronda and Antequera until 10:00 am on Sunday, according to the agency said on its website, from where it states that they have accumulated 150 liters of rainfall in the northeast of the Ronda area and in Guadalhorce, without affecting the coast, or the city of Ronda.

The Aemet plans to reduce the warning for rains in orange in these regions of Malaga between 10:00 and 12:00 hours this Sunday, a risk that will also affect the regions of Sol and Guadalhorce until noon, and plans to maintain the level yellow by storms in these last two zones until the same time.


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