A few Goya lovers of popular cinema | Culture

A few Goya lovers of popular cinema | Culture

Image of 'Champions'. In video, trailer of the movie.

On Saturday the Goya awards reach their 33rd edition. Some will seem little, others, seen the obstacles and the problems overcome, quite an achievement. The Academy is living a moment of change, in which new generations are entering, in which the creators of the audiovisual dilute the boundaries between cinema and television. But it is not yet settled among academics the bet of the Other Spanish cinema: the best example is Isaki Lacuesta, who after winning two Golden Shells in San Sebastian arrives for the first time to the Goya with his film Between two waters, candidate for best film and direction, or the ninguneo to Petra, by Jaime Rosales.

This year the institution that groups Spanish cinema seems to bet on the most open, popular cinema. The comedy Champions, by Javier Fesser, is presented as the favorite with 11 nominations, although the thriller by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, The kingdom, have two more, 13 nominations. The Forqué, the prizes of the producers, gave the award for best film to Champions, if it serves as a clue. Where if you can win The kingdom is in the Goya for best actor and supporting actor, with Antonio de la Torre -has already carried 13 nominations and only won the first time, it's about time to recognize the talent- and Luis Zahera, respectively.

Behind, Carmen and Lola Y Everybody knows they defend eight candidacies. This year, categories like Best Novel Direction and Best Documentary are competing: if it was hard to get into them, win their statuette … But Arantxa Echevarría, with Carmen and Lola, He has come a long way since his love drama – beyond lesbianism and being a gypsy today, speaks of passion and freedom – was screened for the first time in Cannes. In the category of revelation actress, compete their two protagonists (Zaira Romero and Rosy Rodríguez) … and that divides votes against two powerful rivals: Gloria Ramos Champions and Eva Llorach, for Who will sing to you? As far as everyone knows, the Iranian teacher Asghar Farhadi, seems the guest of stone of the treat, although in best actress Penélope Cruz has her chance. Yuli, of Icíar Bollaín, with five nominations, should take the big heads to the best soundtrack, by Alberto Iglesias, and the best screenplay adapted for Paul Laverty, which was already the best libretto at the San Sebastian contest. Borja Cobeaga, who competes in this section for Superlopez, This is what he points out and he confesses that every time he has lost he has guessed the name of the winner. The technical prizes could be divided between The photographer of Mauthausen, Superlópez Y The shadow of the law.

And of course Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón, who is present throughout the entire awards season, and who is a favorite for Best Ibero-American Film. And of course, One more day with life, by Damian Nenow and Raúl de la Fuente, from street the best animated film in a category in which all the lengths of drawings that have been made this season in Spain have been entered: four. Sad.

For the second time, the Goya will be held outside of Madrid. In 2000 they traveled to Barcelona. The city welcomed them very well, the ceremony was boring, except for the presence of the King, then Prince Felipe, to whom Pedro Almodóvar congratulated the birthday and managed to get the stalls to sing with him. This time, as far as is known, there will be no real presence. Pity.

And when everything is over, in the memory of the viewer, there will be only one memory left: the performance of the presenters, Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril. To them, for the happiness of all of us, good luck.


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