A feminist chain to inaugurate a "month of revolt" for 8M

A women's feminist chain will be organized next Saturday in the center of Madrid to denounce the violence and discrimination suffered by half of the population, an action that opens the feminist "revolt month" that will culminate with the manifestation of the 8 of March.

More than 6,000 women have registered to participate in the feminist chain, they have informed Efe sources of the 8M Commission -organizer of Women's Day mobilizations-.

The chain, which will be formed between 12 and 2 pm on Saturday, will be made up of different sections of different struggles: anti-racism, feminist self-defense, job insecurity and care, body, sexual and gender dissent, ecofeminism, decent pensions, feminist education, right to housing and neighborhoods and towns.

The participants, who will be caught by the arm, are called to come wearing a garment or a purple umbrella.

It is a way of staging that "we women cuddle and resist in front of the chains that bind us," said the sources of the 8M Commission.

With the feminist chain starts the "month of revolt" towards a "combative and dissident March 8": every week until Women's Day, various protest actions have been organized in Madrid.

On February 16 an anti-racist act will be held in Carabanchel, on 22 the "spider operation" will be launched, which consists of the hundred feminist assemblies of neighborhoods and towns of the Community of Madrid going to the city center by transport public informing and making representations to denounce the violence suffered by women.

A week later, on February 29, the Teatro del Barrio will host the photography exhibition of a contest about images that symbolize the macho violence; and on Sunday March 1 the feminist race will take place.

In the week of 8M there will be an anti-racist concentration in front of the Congress of Deputies on Friday 6, the day in which an "apostasy work" will also be done to show that the Church "does not represent feminists."

On Saturday 7 at night the song "A rapist in your path" -created by the Chilean Lastesis- will be versioned, in an interpretation that will focus on the woman and not on the aggressor: "The one who answers is me", has advance the 8M Commission.

The month of mobilizations will end with the demonstration on Sunday, March 8, which will start at 5 pm.


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