A fault interrupts the high-speed service between Madrid and Barcelona

Atocha station. / EFE

The fall of a catenary at the height of Alhama de Aragón has left thousands of travelers on the road


The Madrid-Barcelona High Speed ​​line has already resumed at this time after the reestablishment of traffic in Alhama de Aragón, interrupted by a breakdown, as reported by Adif on social networks.

The resumption of the line was subject to the transfer of passengers from the train on one of the tracks on the Ariza-Alhama de Aragón route affected by the incident. However, at 18.24 this work has been completed.

A fault affected the electrification system causing the interruption of the Madrid-Barcelona High-Speed ​​line. The breakdown affected a train belonging to a railway operator other than Renfe, as reported by the company to Europa Press.

Given this incident, completely unrelated to Renfe, the railway company is managing an alternative road service in order to guarantee the mobility of affected customers.

In addition, Renfe allows changes and cancellations free of charge and maintains its voluntary commitment to punctuality. The company has highlighted that technicians from Adif and the affected railway operator are working on resolving the incident.

Adif has also stated that it regrets the inconvenience that this incident may have caused passengers.

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