April 14, 2021

A father asks a judge to treat his son in a coma with homeopathy | Society

A father asks a judge to treat his son in a coma with homeopathy | Society

A father came yesterday afternoon to the courts of the Plaza de Castilla, in Madrid, to ask the judge on duty to be allowed to supply his son, 23 years old, a homeopathy treatment. The patient was in an induced coma last night after undergoing an appendicitis intervention in the Jiménez Díaz Foundation of Madrid, during which he suffered a cardiac arrest, according to the statement of the father when making the complaint, to which EL PAÍS has had access.

Francisco José C. R. entered emergency two days ago in the aforementioned hospital to be operated, the family reports. "The anesthetist commits negligence and causes cardiorespiratory arrest by not correctly placing the breathing tube," says the letter submitted by the father. He was 15 minutes with the heart stopped.

According to the medical report provided to the family, the cause of the arrest was pulmonary edema after the tube was removed.

They managed to revive him and he entered the intensive care unit (ICU). On the morning of yesterday, the doctors performed a diagnostic imaging test to verify that Francisco José had very dilated pupils. It did not react to stimuli. Last night I was in an induced coma.
The complaint before the judge of the family shows that the doctors gave him only a few hours of life. "In these moments they inform us that they can not do anything for their life", summarizes the letter.

"We need judicial authorization to be able to treat it with homeopathy and vitamin C", says the petition filed before the judge. Said homeopathic treatment, according to the family, consists of injecting vitamin C intravenously and then three preparations (Apis-homaccord, Lymphomyosot and Cerebrum NM tablets) by the same route. The doctors of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation refused to provide this therapy and called the National Police before the attitude of the relatives. The agents prevented the passage of those close to the intensive care unit.

"Result in France"

The patient's father went to the courthouse to ask a very precautionary measure that would allow the administration of these preparations which, according to those affected, "have given a great result in France". The magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 35, who was in charge of the guard of proceedings, contacted the doctors of the center to obtain her version and decide whether to authorize the treatment or not. Last night I had not made any decision yet. I was waiting to write a car.

This newspaper contacted the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, which declined to give its version of what happened or data about the patient "so as not to violate their privacy and privacy".

The family has expressed its intention to open an investigation and clarify whether there has been any medical negligence or even the commission of a crime by not allowing the young man the supply of homeopathy. In fact, he will demand an autopsy in case of death.


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