A father allows his daughter to travel to Gran Canaria despite being positive for coronavirus

The fifth wave of Covid-19 progresses uncontrollably in the Canary Islands, and also in the rest of Spain. Recently, as announced by Antena 3, a father allowed his daughter to travel to Gran Canaria, despite being positive for coronavirus. The mother was unaware that the 8-year-old minor was infected with Covid-19 until she got a call from the trackers that they were looking for her daughter, because she had tested positive for the virus.

“As far as I know I was not quarantined because in the calls I made with the girl I heard her on the beach”Explains the mother who has contacted her lawyer to take legal action against the father of her daughter for allowing the minor to travel and not telling him that her daughter had been infected.

A labor outbreak in Gran Canaria with 33 affected

Canarias registers this week 266 new shoots from coronavirus with 1,262 cases, of which 130 have occurred in Tenerife, 104 in Gran Canaria, 14 in Lanzarote, nine in Fuerteventura, seven in La Palma, one in La Gomera and one in El Hierro.

By area in which they have occurred, 142 are social outbreaks, 74 family, 34 work, eight in socially vulnerable groups, four educational, three sports and one health / family.

Outbreaks of more than 10 cases

In general, all the outbreaks have less than 10 associated cases except seven outbreaks that exceed that number: one work in Gran Canaria with 33 cases, one social in La Palma with 22 infected on one birthday, two educational with family branching in Tenerife with 18 and 15 cases, a work-related one in Fuerteventura with 17 cases, a family one with 12 people involved in Gran Canaria and a social one, also in Gran Canaria, with 11 people involved.


Regarding the outbreaks of labor origin, the aforementioned in Fuerteventura stands out with 17 cases reported among workers of the State Security Forces and Bodies, one reported in Gran Canaria in a catering establishment with 10 affected people, one in Tenerife with eight cases in a food industry company, one in Gran Canaria with eight people involved in a hotel, two, also in Gran Canaria, with six cases each reported in two stores and one with seven cases in Gran Canaria in a hotel.

As for the four educational outbreaks, one affects 18 people in Tenerife and has family and social ramifications; another, also in Tenerife, with family branches has 15 cases, another in Tenerife affects four people and another in Gran Canaria has three cases.

Regarding sporting outbreaks, one has been reported in a gym on La Palma and affects eight people, another has occurred in Tenerife and is linked to boxing and has five associated cases and another has been registered in a gym in Tenerife and it has five people involved.

Regarding the health outbreak, with family ramifications, it has been reported at the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria University Hospital and affects four people: two patients and two relatives.

Ancient shoots

49 old outbreaks are also being followed, some of which have grown in number of cases. Thus, there is a social outbreak, with work and family ramification, which already has 104 people affected in Gran Canaria; a social one with 59 involved reported in a nightlife venue on La Palma; one work detected in a construction company in Gran Canaria with 51 cases; a sports one in Tenerife with 32 cases; a social / family one with 30 people involved in Tenerife, and a sports one with 21 infected in a Gran Canaria soccer team.

21 07 2021 16:59

A labor outbreak in Gran Canaria with 33 affected, the largest of the week in the Archipelago. Read more

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21 07 2021 15:28

Gran canaria It has 26,722 accumulated covid cases, 306 more than the previous day, and 2,786 active. For its part, Lanzarote adds 11 positives, with 5,957 accumulated and 165 assets; Fuerteventura It has 3,138 accumulated cases, with 36 more than the previous day, and 419 active.

21 07 2021 15:02

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Pulmonologist Miguel Ángel Ponce on the fifth wave in the Canary Islands on the fifth wave in the Canary Islands: “In Gran Canaria we will continue to have bad data for the next few days.” Read more

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20 07 2021 18:15

The capital of Gran Canaria is studying limiting access to the beaches at high tide if the island goes on alert 3. Read more

20 07 2021 18:14

The total of accumulated cases in the Canary Islands it already exceeds 70,000: it is 70,614 with 8,756 active, of which 56 are admitted to the ICU and 319 remain hospitalized.

20 07 2021 18:08

Gran canaria It has 26,416 accumulated cases, 232 more than the previous day, and 2,613 active. For its part, Lanzarote adds 13 positives, with 5,946 accumulated and 163 active; Fuerteventura It has 3,102 accumulated cases, with six more than the previous day, and 383 active.

20 07 2021 15:29

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