A false bomb alert forces to cut the streets in Brussels with the EC

A false bomb alert forces to cut the streets in Brussels with the EC

The Belgian police today cut two streets of the European district of Brussels near the headquarters of the European Commission (EC) by a warning of bomb that turned out to be a false alarm.

"A consulting firm of the European Commission has received a warning that it was going to explode a bomb," a spokeswoman for the police told Efe, adding that after two hours of intervention the agents are dismantling the device.

The security forces prevented the passage in the street Rue Breydel, where there are private offices and also of the community institutions, and a section of about 100 meters of the perpendicular Augerghem avenue, where the office of the British representation before the European Union is located (EU).

Some thirty agents, including municipal and federal police, firemen, and medical personnel moved to the place of the alert, where they established a security perimeter.

The agents took with them a trained dog to detect explosives that did not find anything suspicious, reason why the Police decided to dismantle "calmly" the device deployed next to the adjacent roundabout of Schuman.

Community sources confirmed to Efe the bomb warning and pointed out that the buildings of the Community Executive have not been affected.

Belgian security forces have opened an investigation to determine the origin of the call that forced to close that area located in the heart of the European district of Brussels, about 100 meters from the buildings of the Council of the EU where this Thursday and Friday leaders of the European Union will hold a summit focused on the "Brexit".


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