A failure of WhatsApp exposes private chats – The Province

A failure of WhatsApp exposes private chats - The Province

The WhatsApp messaging application has registered a security breach that exposes your users' old conversations saved in their history and that has affected people after changing their phone number.

As Amazon developer Abby Fuller has denounced through her personal Twitter account, when she changed her phone number and registered it on WhatsApp, the messaging service mistakenly uploaded another user's conversation history.

According to Fuller's own assertion, it is about the chats belonging to the previous owner of his new phone number, which can mean a potential security flaw in the privacy of WhatsApp.

The messages that appeared on Fuller's terminal were also shown in plain text, not encrypted, even though WhatsApp includes end-to-end encryption in its messages to protect its privacy.

This bug has occurred despite the fact that it was a new device, as well as a new SIM card and according to Fuller, the conversations were not restored through the backups that WhatsApp carries out on a regular basis.


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