Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

A driver attacks independence fighters in Tarragona

Incident on Tarragona in the framework of acts of protest of an independentist sign. A driver has ramming to concentrate on Rome Avenue after a small fight with the concentrates. According to some witnesses, initially the man and a woman who was driving have gotten out of the vehicle and have raped some protesters.

Finally, he got behind the wheel and tried to move over the sidewalk, where there were some people. Although there has been no regret for personal injury, the Urban Guard has intervened and taken charge of the situation.

As explained by Diari of Tarragona, the events occurred around 7:00 p.m. The woman has gotten off the vehicle to lift a yellow belt that cut off the passage to her vehicle. The driver would have accelerated against the people who were there, some of them sitting.

The car has run aground on the curb and, after a rifirrafe between protesters and the two occupants of the vehicle, the Urban Guard has arrested both. The agents have taken the two detainees and removed the car.

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