April 10, 2021

A dog saves the life of an old man trapped in a ravine thanks to the barking

A dog saves the life of an old man trapped in a ravine thanks to the barking

The Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has found an old man of 81 years who spent seven hours in a ravine after suffering a fall thanks to the fidelity of his dog, a little yorkshire who stayed all the time next to him barking, until the help arrived.

As reported to Efe today by the Local Police, the son of the victim reported last night, about 23.50 hours, that his father had gone for a walk with his dog and had not returnedor.

The complainant stated that the old man had been away from home for more than seven hours, which was not at all usual, since it was difficult for him to walk and he used to take very short walks.

The Local Police immediately began a search around the home of the disappeared, including the trails of El Fondillo ravine.

In one of the roads the agents began to hear the moans of a dog, which helped them to reach the place where the old man was, who had fallen down a slope.

The man was found by the Local Police at 00.40 hours, conscious and without serious injuries, but unable to leave the hole to which he had fallen.

"The early denunciation of the son and the fidelity of Peluche, his dog, which always remained close to him and made enough noise to guide the police, made it possible for the rescued man not to spend all night in the ravine, very low temperature, avoiding much worse consequences, "highlights the Local Police in a statement.

The rescued person received attention in a health center and is already at home with his family.


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