A documentary will address the value of humor in the face of the pandemic

Leisure during confinement.

Leisure during confinement.

A documentary will analyze how humor has functioned as an "escape valve" during the confinement by the coronavirus, with the participation of experts and a selection of the memes and jokes that proliferated on social networks during the worst moments of the pandemic.

The director and producer of movies Kike Mesa, Impeller "Humor in times of pandemic", He explained to Efe on Tuesday that this phenomenon is due to a "sublimation from the psychological point of view" by which, "in such a stressful situation, the body defends itself with humor."

In this work, he plans to count on the contribution of a score of experts from different fields, such as the psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos -who will be interviewed by videoconference from New York-, the philosopher and anthropologist Juan Gavilán or the actors Joaquín Núñez, Salva Reina and Miguel Ángel Martín, who rose to fame for his "Diary of a Confinement" monologues.

The documentary team has already collected more than 6,000 references, between jokes and memes, which were published at that time and now aspects will be analyzed such as whether similar phenomena occurred in other countries or the dates of greatest proliferation, which curiously seem to run parallel to the curve of the graphs on infections and deaths from the pandemic .

In addition to these testimonies from professionals and experts, the documentary, about 120 minutes long, will have a dramatized part in which the actor American Ken Appledorn and that will have nine "sketches" that will reproduce situations "in which we are all going to recognize ourselves", Mesa advances.

Among them, there will be strict confinement; the first exit to the supermarket, "in which we looked like astronauts and when we returned we washed all the food"; the conversion of parents into teachers who had to explain the lesson to their children, or the "do it yourself" that wiped out the stock of flour.

They will also be the meetings on the balconies, "which became a 'talent show'", remember the producer; teleworking that Spain was not used to; the "tele-family" that forced grandparents to understand technology; the "semi-freedom" that was offered with the departures in time slots, or the sudden appearance of runners "who had not worn sports shoes for years."

Kike Mesa will now open a virtual selection test in search of a woman between 30 and 50 years old and a girl between 10 and 12 years old, with a comic vision, who they will be able to relate in a video an anecdote that occurred during the confinement and send it by WhatsApp to 622 298 416 or by email to [email protected]lefilms.es.

Likewise, it will continue to collect, at the same WhatsApp and email addresses, the memes and jokes that were most shared during the weeks of confinement.

And, as Kike Mesa points out, quoting Nietzsche, "The intellectual power of a man is measured by the dose of humor that he is capable of using."


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